View Full Version : Gorbad versus Crone Hellebron 2500 point Showdown

Brother Malleus
27-03-2012, 22:23
I'm not too sure how this'll work so please give me your thoughts, thinking of playing against a Crone Hellebron list in the near future (should be fun, lots of witch elves)

For all those that don't know Gorbad allows me to take an army of Big Uns if I so choose, which I do so please no you can't take that many Big Uns comments. Ta

Gorbad - 375

Orc Shaman - 250
Level 3, Fencers Blades, Power Stone, 5+ Ward

Orc Shaman - 135
Level 2, Crown of Command

Orc Shaman - 90
Level 1, Dispel Scroll

Big Uns - 350 (Level 3)
35 Big Uns, Shields, Mus, Std, Standard of Discipline

Big Uns - 345 (Level 2)
35 Big Uns, Shields, Mus, Std, BoEF

Big Uns - 325 (Level 1)
30 Big Uns, Shields, Mus, Std, War Banner*

Boar Boyz - 365 (Gorbad)
14 Big Uns, Spear, Shield, Mus, Std

Boar Boyz - 265
10 Big Uns, Spear, Shield, Mus, Std, Gleaming Pennant

Total 2491

* not sure if this is redundant due to Gorbad's Waaaagh special rule?

purge the daemon
27-03-2012, 22:32
I'be always wanted to witchelves I'm just so scared of shooting I think it would be a huge waste of everything but theme wise I still want to do it must do empire first.

About your army versus witchelves all you need is magic missiles and archers you don't want combat they'll eat you alive high initiative and poison and a ton of attacks kills combat units of orcs if in large enough blocks. I would suggest lots of shooting and then units to finish off the remaining elves

27-03-2012, 22:41
Ok, here is the thing, if you get to attack her you will probably kill her. She is weak and will go down after a round or two. However your unit is going to get crushed and might not even pull off the job.

I don't know if you are stuck on Gorbad but I would rather tie her up with night goblins and pick away at her and her unit.

As been said shooting will do a lot too, but don't throw too many points into magic.

Brother Malleus
27-03-2012, 22:55
Shooting and Magic?

Sod it then I won't bother with the battle, I'll see if he wants a Khalida game instead

27-03-2012, 23:26
Hey, just because shooting works better doesn't mean you NEED it.

If you want to go combat then go combat, but then I'd drop 2 mages to beef up your units to 40 if possible.

I have no idea what his list looks like but assuming hordes of witches backed up by a cauldron then you will win the initial round of combat assuming no magic and not the crone unit and then he will be stubborn and slash away at you. Beware the all-dice-in mindrazor! If he gets it off those witches will practically wipe out a unit before they get to attack.

Brother Malleus
27-03-2012, 23:36
Its not a problem I can be dirty and run this instead of the Gorbad list; trying to show some new players (but long time forum lurkers) that ALL special characters are not as broken as Teclis, Caradyan, Banner of the World Dragon, Phoenix Guard build

Lords: 600

Khalida: 365
HLP: Lv 4, Earthing Rod: 235


LP, Lv 2 of Light: Dispell Scroll: 130
LP, Lv 2 of Light: Channelling Rod: 120
Lp, Lv 1 of Light: 70


60 Archers: s/m: 380
4 chariots: s/m/Flame: 250

Special: 460

Fiery Sphinx: 230
Fiery Sphinx: 230


Hierotitan: 175
SSC: 90
SSC: 90
Casket: 135

purge the daemon
27-03-2012, 23:44
So much shooting in magic will do well to kill them crazy crack addicted witches they don't have armour making easy to kill them

I think ushabti with bows would also work really well instead of some of those monsters mindrazor will make a mess of them while ushabti with bows will pull ranks off his units and even kill cauldron.

28-03-2012, 01:13
I think ushabti with bows would also work really well instead of some of those monsters mindrazor will make a mess of them while ushabti with bows will pull ranks off his units and even kill cauldron.

No, they wont do either. An ushabti with a bow is ~50 points i believe, for a single S6 shot that hits the same as a regular bow and wounds better..... given that witch's have not armour the ushabti are wasted and they will never down a cauldren, not unless you bring about 50 of them.

Stay away from ushabti with bows, they only thing they might do is down hydras if he has them.

purge the daemon
28-03-2012, 01:37
Don't they have bolt thrower bows? And why would the DE player not bring at least a hydra to the table?

28-03-2012, 01:39
I would say soften up w missiles, beware crone hellbron, she has a 4+ to dispel first spell. Hits at str 10.
I would use things that can reduce her a little, lore of death is a good snipe
I've seen a witch hoard pump 50 attacks from front rank.... Not fun.

purge the daemon
28-03-2012, 02:01
Lore of shadow,oh god makes any unit cry when S9 withelves eat your ads block of chaos warriors kiss my ads hit on 4's
25 hits wound on 2's 21 dead warriors try and come back from that

28-03-2012, 03:37
Lore of shadow, pit of shades, and black horror make people cry too.
Might want some doom divers buddy.