View Full Version : Close Combat straddling a unit not in combat.

27-03-2012, 23:34
This was a situation I had a couple of weeks ago and was not sure if what we did was a legal charge or not, so I put it to the Warseer Community.

Just a couple inches in front of my horde of Daemonettes was a unit of dogs, the dogs were facing the wrong direction, not that he wanted to charge with them anyway, but he did charge in with three chariots. However, because the dogs in the center he was forced to straddle them to get into combat.
We played it as a fair charge but just wanted other opinions as to if we played correctly.


28-03-2012, 00:01
Perfectly legit charge from that diagram. In fact I'm not really sure why you'd think it wasn't? Possibly the rightmost chariot would have to wheel a little to maximise, but not if that would bring it too close to the dogs.

But anyway, the chariots are all separate units and you are Unser no obligation to bunch them up at all…in fact, RAW suggests that to truly maximise the number of models from both sides that get into combat vou would have to space out the chariots anyway, as long as the target was wide enough.