View Full Version : 2500 O&G (Dual)

28-03-2012, 10:42
So we are going to play a 5k points dual tourney (5k per side, so 2500 for my army). There will be empire, skaven, dark elves, O&G, lizardmen, WoC and DoC. We will draw our partners and opponents before each game. Here is what I came up with:


Savage warlord: General, ASF sword, AoD, other tricksters shard (mistake 1)

Savage shaman lord: 4lv, Fencer's B, LSH (mistake 2)


Savage BSB: MR orc banner

NG shaman: 2lv, DS, 6++ (ironcurse)

NG boss: GW, LA (mistake 3)

NG boss: shrieking blade


37 Savage orcs: Big'Uns, AHW, FCM

67 NG: spear, nets,FCM, 3 Fanatics

10 Wolf boyz: shields


6 trolls


2x DD

2x RL

Mangler squig

Damn...I don't know if everything is listed, but you'll get the feeling won't you?
Lv 4 and the banner with MR as there will be a lot of magic :/

What do you think?