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30-03-2012, 19:20
OK, so I've had some Empire models for a while, planning to make an Ostermark army, but never really got past putting a few models together and testing out a paint scheme. But with the new book it's time to get it going properly.

So, to plan my pre-order purchases, I need to work out the basic structure of my army (even if I can't plan the list until I have the book).

My army is essentially made of two elements - the state's professional forces, and the religious element - we do border Sylvania after all!

So, I'm thinking...

Elector Count on Griffon (love the new model)

Light Wizard Lord (possibly on a Luminark)

Witch Hunter (wherever he needs to be)

Warrior Priest (with Halberdiers)

Jade Wizard (near the griffon to keep the wounds topped up)

Captain with Battle Standard (with Swordsmen)

34 Swordsmen (deep formation)
detachment of 10 handgunners
detatchment of 15 halberdiers

49 Halberdiers (horde formation)
detachment of 5 archers (skirmish screen)
detachment of 20 Free Company

10 crossbowmen

30 Flagellants (more if we are allowed larger units)

8 Pistoliers (converted to look like Witch Hunters)

10 Inner Circle Knights (Using greatsword weapons, and white wolf rules)

6 Demigriff Knights



I've avoided anything too techy, like the Steam Tank, Helblaster and Helstorm, as this is a poor province. Only the characters and knights will look a bit less grubby. Free company are partially converted with torches and pitchforks from the flagellant and zombie sprues.

Later on, I might add a second unit of Flagellants, but using Trollslayer models - the background says that Trollslayers often appear in Ostermark armies due to the proximity of Karak Kadrin.