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03-04-2012, 17:57
Hello everyone,

I've recently returned to "the hobby" after having moved to Wimbledon (due to girlfriends work) and am having trouble finding a club (nearest shops appear to be in Sutton or Kingston :( ) or even similar people (I am 26 and have 40k and WFB but am very rusty!!) to play with. Can anyone help?

P.S. I may have posted this in the wrong place but there doesn't appear to be an area on the board for gaming clubs.

03-04-2012, 18:47
Google "wimbledon wargames" - orcs nest has a list of clubs. No idea if it's current or if the geography is appropriate. Took 0.33 seconds.

Rich 123
03-04-2012, 20:44
I'm rather in the same boat as you TWJ and even a similar age. I live in the same sort of area but I'm much more of a modeler (and don't find much time for that with work recently) and kind of fancy having a game once in a while without having to trek to Kingston, GW's can be a little grim I find!