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06-04-2012, 00:09
I'll be competing in a tournament this month with a group I have played with for the past year. For each tournament so far I have played a Slann list. The first Tournament I did well, but the last two I have gotten owned. I want to drop the Slann and play something else, and I'm thinking of going the Carnosaur route. I have won best painting twice, but I don't think I will win again with the same army.

One special rule for this Tournament is that models with magic resistance get their ward save against the "remove from play" spells. That also makes me want to not play the Slann. So my general Idea is as follows...

Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur
Saurus Scar-Vet on Cold One
Saurus Scar-Vet with BSB
Saurus Scar-Vet

20 Saurus with Spears and Command
20 Saurus with Spears and Command
20 Saurus with Hand Weapons and Command

5 Cold One Cavalry

That gives me about 1650 of the 2000 points. I haven't accounted for any magic items yet. I'm going to need to be able to survive magic and shooting without doing any of my own. My thinking is that plenty armies play this way and their troops aren't half as good as Saurus.

06-04-2012, 04:44
Other armies are faster, and have built in ward saves, plus higher initiative- at least the non-magic lists I've seen- i.e. Bret's and Demons-

Pit of shades is likely to ruin your entire army-

If you want to go magic light it's possible, but I think at least a lowly skink with a dispel scroll might prove invaluable-

Spiney Norman
06-04-2012, 06:47
Are you totally against having skinks in your army?

I would take two packs of salamanders with either one or two beasts in each group, then either one or two units of chameleon skinks with up to 8 in each to hunt enemy warmachines.

Then look at stegadons to distract opponents from your carnosaur, currently it's the only thing worth shooting at. I'd also strongly consider a skink priest to help with dispelling enemy magic, the engine of the gods is a great way to field him if you're not bringing a Slann, and that would nicely fill your remaining points (with a few tweaks)

I don't really rate cold one cavalry, especially not such a small unit, and I do t think you need a Scar veteran in every unit of Saurus. You also might want to think about combining the spear Saurus into a single large horde unit, but I can understand that you might want to keep them separate if you're worried about spells like purple sun and pit of shades.

Here is a link to my Slann-less lizard list, it's 2500 but you should be able to get some idea of how it works.

10-04-2012, 12:17
i never used a carnasaur or cold one riders, only infantry but in 2k i always had a large saurus unit, about 50, a smaller one, 20, and 20 temple guard. i always used a steg to get combo charges with the units, impact hits and stomp are great, the missile weapons can also be effective; at least 2 salamanders, some armies are TERRIFIED of them. but the real base of the army is having lots of cheap saurus characters. there are 2 magic weapons available to lizardmen that give always strikes first and one that gives I10, take them all. i always felt like a skink priest was an annoying necessity at 2k points, especially if you're against a L4 your magic will be completely useless but it s essential to carry a scroll and for magic defence. another thing to consider is taking cheap units of skinks, to use for missile screening (saurus go down fast to handguns and crossbows) and as free 'deployments' and if they don't get killed poisoned missile fire can win you the day if you get lucky! i see no reason why your carny and coldones can't replace the steg in my 'theory' although for me personally i would want 3 characters on foot to buff the units. saurus can be more fragile than they look, especially against S4(+) with a better armour than you troops, as well as against units buffed by magic which you may not be able to counter without the slann. hope this helps, sorry for the essay!