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09-04-2012, 18:32
I'm currently looking to start playing some fantasy, after playing a few games of 40k and feeling 'meh' about it. I have a collection of various models that I've collected over the years for WoC and OnG, but I still can't decide on which army to play with first. Both armies were assembled and such a while back, before I knew how to do any sort of conversions and what not and I'm stretched thin as far as money goes (being a student ftw?). It's a big factor when it comes to my decision because I want to buy a bunch of models and have bits from many different sets to have fun with conversions and such. Because of the fact that a considerable amount of models have already been assembled, fleshing out my previous armies feels like a daunting task. Plus, each army is a mess as far as picking colors goes because I want my OnG's to stand out (which isn't working) and my WoC I can't really decide on what god to follow because I like bits and pieces from Nurgle and Khorne but I want my army to look cohesive. Plus they're rumored to have a new book coming so I dont want to invest in something that may drastically change.

But as a forewarning, I like how all of these armies look in their respective looks, so that's not a particular issue to discuss.

I was thinking of starting Empire because I want to play the 'good guys' for a change, and painting using vibrant colors would be a nice change (I think). The main issue that arises with this is that the army requires a lot of models on the field (aka lots of $$$), and it will take forever to actually paint everything. With their new book out and all, it will take some time for retailers other than GW to stock the new models and such so that's another negative factor (the discounts they give are essential to me). Plus I lack much of an idea as to where to start...

My other idea is to start a OK army since it seems to be easier on the wallet, it looks plenty of fun to convert, and because of its low model count even in 8th, I can finally get an army finished all the way (which I have yet to do in the past 8 years of being in the hobby). Plus, I will have good motivation because I could potentially enter them in armies on parade and all that. I was looking to get the battalion box, as well as their ironblaster as well as a thundertusk and/or mournfang cavalry. I was thinking of converting some bulls or ironguts into my character choices. This is the option that I will most likely go with.

What do you guys think of all this? I apologize if it's a bumbling mess, but that's actually how my brain is as far as picking an army to go with. This actually causes me to spend less time on Warhammer because I'm so indecisive and the decisions are overwhelming #-o

I suppose I should also add that I have around $200-$250 to play around with

Duke Ramulots
09-04-2012, 18:42
Vibrant colors and "good guys" feel you say? Look no further than Bretonians.

BTW- 2 battalian boxes, one peg knight, one hero(bsb), and one general model should be around $250 and a decent sized army.

09-04-2012, 18:57
I would consider brets as well for the same reason as Ramulots.

That said, eBay is regularly awash with 2nd hand empire - Most of my buddies 4000pt army comes from ebay and other sources (Pewter is easy to strip down).

With the new rules there is a lot of discussion for empire as well, so trawl those for info relevant to what you want. Empire have a lot more flexibility than brets, but you can play the brets as a solid 'good guy' force.

09-04-2012, 19:00
Bretts, while still competive, lacks a bit in variety, with many units that are just a small variant on the same knight concept.

I would rather advise you to first look at the armies with a 8th edition army book, they all have a fairly large range of viable builds, and are *usually* more fun to play with or against.

Ogres are an easy choice if you like their style, as they can indeed be started (relatively) cheaply, especially if you convert your characters from the plastic kits, and they have both a strong melee presence, surprisely good shooting, and some direct but effective magic, with casters that are expensives in points but can double as combat characters, being ogres after all.

However all the other 8th edition books are good, even if the recently released Empire is somewhat contested due to several changes (especially points costs increased for a majority of core troops) seems to still be a good army, and I'd rather play the new book that the older one.

09-04-2012, 19:16
I've actually pretty much narrowed my choice down to either fleshing out WoC or OnG or starting OK or Empire. I'm leaning heavily towards Ogres 'cause from what I hear they're a solid book, with no real "bad" choices, and I really like the look of the army and painting bigger models does in fact appeal to me. They're all pretty much on par but I've wanted to start an army from scratch for quite a while and Ogres seem to be the best choice for that...

10-04-2012, 15:07
$250 is a pretty small budjet for a decent sized army. Roughly transalting into 155, i reckon it could be done with ogres or warriors.

I think conversions are key. two battalions is $210. That will get you quite a few ogres to convert into charecters and maneaters, as well as regular ogres too.

I think it also depends how big your aiming teh army to be. If yoru looking at anywhere near 2k, youve kind of priced yourself out of many of the best ogre units (Mournfang, Ironblaster). I reckon for that budject, you coudl get a decently competative 1-1.5k army. again,d epends how competative you want it.

I suppose one battalion could give you enough standard ogres. The kits are so interchangable, you could probably build (with a bit of weapon modification) two units of 3 lead-belchers and 10 regular ogres (or 9 and a charecter). Which, if Ironguts, could cover minimum core in 2k just about? It woudl be a squeeze though.

However, with that, you could have the rest of your budjet to burn on other things, such as;
*Ninja maneaters
*Ninja maneaters
*Ninja maneaters
*More charecters (spellcasters in particular)
*Ninja maneaters

Id say go with ogres then. Mostly becasue you like them. But also, becuase as far as limited budjet armies to start, there probably the second best.


10-04-2012, 18:22
Yeah, I'm fairly set on Ogres and I have no intention on buying any characters because I want to try my hand at more complex conversions, and it'll save money anyways. I was thinking of buying a batallion and an ironblaster + mournfangs, but should I instead go for getting two batallion boxes? I don't intend on being competitive anytime soon so that's of no particular issue, but I would like to have a variety of units to build and play around with, as Warhammer is mainly the building/painting hobby for me. But I would like to start playing with this army sometime in the near future as well.