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28-04-2006, 20:13
Hi, my first thread in this forum :cool: but i always come here since the days of Portent. I have some questions concerning 40K campaigns and i need your help, please.

I 've played Warhammer 40K since 4 years ago within our little community (around 30 people). One year ago we take place in a good warhammer campaign (Stragon Island) with info gathered from White Dwarf and the GW web site. It was really funny, and it was our first campaign.

Now we want to take place in a Warhammer 40K campaign but i dont know about any campaign like Stragon Island (with gamemaster manual and players manual) or other campaign. And we dont have experience constructing a campaign.

Another problem is: we dont have any GW store near so we cant participate in GW campaigns, like The Fall of Medusa V :cries:.

Can you bring me a light here. We really want to enjoy the game even much more.

Thanks for the help.

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28-04-2006, 21:00
Well, I'm not familiar with this Stragon Island campaign, but there are dozens of ways to run campaigns, and hundreds of ways to implement them.

My personal favourites are intricate map based campaigns. But invariably the player base lacks the dedication and interest to make it work. These types of campaigns can be very labour intensive, as you have to work out income, expenses, supplies for your troops, and so on.

My current actual favourite (this being the type of campaign I would recommend) is a node campaign, where you have a map with important locations marked, and joined by lines. There is an example of a node campaign in the 40K rulebook.

In terms of running it, the KISS principle applies. Keep it simple, stupid. What I like to do is give players the option of attacking one adjacent node per turn. If they win, the node becomes theirs. Battles can be fought to any points limit the players agree on, there is no book-keeping to be done, and the focus is on picking a node to attack, and playing games.

If you want, you can draw up master rosters, and use the experience system in the rulebook. This is cool, but anything that adds extra book-keeping to a campaign will discourage players. Perhaps not consciously, but often it comes down to a "can't be bothered" point and if the campaign is too complex it just crashes.

28-04-2006, 21:46
There`s always this one http://uk.games-workshop.com/cityfight/studio%2Dcampaign/1/

29-04-2006, 14:52
Wow, thanks for the help, thats what i was looking for. Really appreciated.

29-04-2006, 15:03
me and my friends are starting up that campaign once i finish my squiggoth...ill tell you how it works out :P

29-04-2006, 15:34
I find none narrative or good back story campaigns hard to do in 40k. Fantasy you can easily have multiple races going after the similiar things in a local area. 40k it is much harder to do anything above 2 sides in a map campaign. I am very much a fan of narrative or node campaigns that proceed along regular lines.

I am actually thinking of doing up a Epic/40k Campaign centered around taking a world or part of a world. The problem with this is that there are only really two sides, general Imperial and someone else. But if you have say lots of Imperial Players and lots of Tau players - make a campaign that centers around those forces attacking another planet. Any outliers could act as a raiding or mercenary force and aid/hinder who they like. In the Imperial vs Tau, the Eldar may make attacks and weaken both armies at different points, two rival Chaos Warlords may try and make a particular side win to give them an upper hand elsewhere. So I would make a campaign with two major factions and then give any minor factions a specific objective - like stop anyone from entering the certain Hexes - or destroy a certian amount of your opponents forces not at the front.