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11-04-2012, 11:41
Hi peeps,

So contrary to my previous post(I was in a bad mood and wanted a winge) I have had some success with my empire(HOORAY!!). Ive approached them with a far more positive approach now so I was just wondering if anybody has viable tactics on how to use detachments in the new book.

I have only taken one detachment of 20 swords for my main 40 man halberds unit but in both games last night I struggled to get to grips with how to use them effectively. I basically used them as a sacrifice unit in both games so the parent unit could get into position, which I don't believe is the best use of 140 points :P

So my question is, has anyone managed to conjure up a masterful plan on how to use them effectively yet? Or is this something that I will have to train religiously like the Karate Kid to learn myself?

Cheers in advance

11-04-2012, 12:20
Detachments should either be Halberds, Crossbows, or Handgunners in my opinion; Swords and Spears don't give the same kick in a counter charge, though Spears are cheap enough to make a 5 man redirect detachment. I'm running 15 Halberds and 16 Crossbows on my main Halberdier unit with Crown of Command inside. 15 is enough in the Halberd detachment that they should still have two ranks in order to disrupt (not many things can put out enough attacks to the flank to do 5 wounds). Crossbows I was taking anyway so figured I might as well allow them some free buffs and the ability to S&S against a unit charging the parent.

Using them effectively I've found to be easy but you need to make use of your whole battleline in deployment to set up a situation where a detachment can hit the flank of an enemy (3" back and 3" out from your horde parent will do it easily) and is not charged (hence the 3" back; you could have another unit to their flank as well to make sure larger units can't fit in the gap).