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14-04-2012, 12:35
Hullo all!

I have to say that I really like the new list! The new units options and possibilities looks great. I have yet to have a really close look at the book, I have looked trhough it but some rules I just skimmed through.
So this list. i have taken what I have and then added what I want. I have some options for changees in the list. However i dont reslly have the funds to make bigger changes, like adding a whole other unit. First the list then I add what i can change. Keep in mind this is an Ostermark army and will follow thier fluff somewhat.

General of the empire. FpA, shield, sword of anti heroes, trickster helm

Battle wizard lord, lvl 4, Trickster shard, talisman of Endurance

Captain, BSB, armour of meteoric Iron

Warrior preist, Heavy armour, shields, van horstmanns speculum

Witch hunter, brace of pistols, gambler armour

30 Spearmen, shields, FC 12 Militia detachments

30 Spearmen, shields, FC 12 Militia detachments

20 Archers, musician

5 Knights, FC (sadly I only have 5, they are gryphon legion models, fit the fluff and look awesome. If I find 5 more i will add it!)
3 Demigryphs, FC, Halberds (Where I play i can probably just say that they are lances and people will be fine with it, but halberds look cooler! =) Standard of dicipline

1 cannon

1 cannon

5 pistoliers, outrider, musician

5 outriders, sharpshooter, muscician

Celestial Hurricanum

Total 2500p

now what I could add.
Steam tank, hellblaster, mortar (yeah right), engineer. I opted for 2 cannons instead of the engi. Also have a few more militia (like 5) and a general on griffon.
I have dieas of changing the crossbows and handguns for 30 Archers, to fit the Ostermark theme better.

I also have ideas for expanding the list with 20 greatswords, more state troops (so 2x 40) and more demigryphs.

I see the list as able to defend and counterattack, I have some shooting and magic going on, plus a few heavy hitters thay help the statetroops out to winn combats. But i think with the fast cav and how the list looks that I can attack if I meet a list that is pure defence.

So thoughts, ideas?

14-04-2012, 18:02
Personally, I really really like the list. I like the fact thta you haven't fallen into the trap of "Use the Griffon, it's pretty!" like so many others have (if you haven't guessed, I don't like the griffon at all). I like the fact that you're trying out some of the new stuff without going all out and making the list solely out of demigryphs and globes/magnifying glass (hurricanum/the other one), and most of all, just like the general feel of the list. As far as competitive play goes, it does have some holes but then again, what list doesnt.

As far as suggestions go I have a few (from the competitive stance, fluffwise, i'm useless where Ostermark is concerned. So if you're dedicated to stick to fluff but want to try out some of my suggestions, try to work around it in whatever way you like):
1: I'd probably take light on the wizard rather than beasts. The list really doesn't have enough cavalry/monsters or characters that you can afford to lose to really consider it

2: If eeverything is already built, then this could cause some problems or proxying for a while (my apologies) but I would probably replace the spearmen with halberdiers (and probaby try to find points for their shields). Really, they just do things better.

3: I'd probably get rid of the knights. At 5 strong, all they can really do is charge something once, cause a couple of wounds, lose combat and either die or hide in the corner for the rest of the game to preserve VP's (or redirect, but you have cheaper, faster things to do that with).

4. If you're thinking of adding greatswords to the list, I'd probably say 30 or go home. At 20, they're just to easy a target and with the points rise from the last book, it will be that much worse to lose them. I'd probably give them a detatchment of halberdiers toojust for the pure flanking power. I know that this is probably a bit expensive (moneywise) but I'm assuming that by "expanding with 20......", you mean you don't have them already so you're going to end up spending money anyway, so might as well go all out.

Hope that this was some help and good luck with the army :)

14-04-2012, 21:28
If you drop both lv 2 wizards you could play a level 4 with the lore of shadow. That would make your spearman units a much bigger threat with mind razor. I would do that, then change the crossbows and handguns into archers. They are very scary when you lower someone's toughness by D3.

I like your list, I think its good. I think lore of shadow makes it great. Every spell on the lore is good for your army.

14-04-2012, 22:04
I will look into that, I though beast and fire would suit me better. I first had a lvl4, but opted for 2 lvl2 instead. But I guess is much like the same, but with 2 lvl2 you get two different lores instead of one. But I will look into shadow and see if I like it!

14-04-2012, 22:20
It's not the same at all. The real advantage to having a Level 4 is the +4 to dispel enemy magic.

15-04-2012, 11:02
I changed the list (check first post) to include the wizard lord instead of the lvl 2s. He will be using shadow. Also took out the crossbows and handguns for archers, and the few points left I used for 2 militia. I am however thinking that i should buff up the archers to 30 instead. But then I have to change some other stuff, like taking away the demigryph standard and some other magic item.