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29-04-2006, 15:46
40k Players,

I am going to be moving to Del Rio, Tx in August and was wondering if there was anyone down there (or close to there) who played 40k (or Epic or BFG or Fantasy)? I checked and there is not a local store in Del Rio and so probably have to go to San Anatonio to play in a store. If anyone lives down in the area or knows someone who does can you let me know? Thanks.

29-04-2006, 20:25
i have a friend in San Angelo

29-04-2006, 21:03
i live in houston/katy...not sure if thats close but im in SE Texas and play WH40k Feral Orks

01-05-2006, 04:58
Del Rio is quite a distance from Houston....

Off Topic: Orangesm, I take it you are a recent Academy Grad heading out for initial Pilot Training (UPT i think)?

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