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19-04-2012, 03:33
This is something I had decided to do with my buddies for a day of gaming. It's basically a mission for a small army (1000 pts). Think of it as a mercenary band or task force that is sent to clear a forest of a goblin infestation, removing either totems or destroying structures. I decided to do this because we wanted something other than a standard 'smash the other guy's army' type of game. Technically, you could play this on your own if you have the forces.

The armies: The Attacking player makes a 1000 pts army using the following restrictions:
No warmachines or chariots. The forest conditions make these impractical.
You are only allowed 2 of each Special and 1 of each Rare.
Each unit of Cavalry you have may purchase the Ranger's Standard, even if not normally allowed a magic banner. You may have more than one Ranger's Standard.

The Defending player (Orcs and Goblins) starts with the following:
2 Units of 20 Goblins - spears, shields, light armour, standard and musician.
2 Units of 20 Night goblins - short bows, musicians
2 Units of 5 Spider Riders - spears, shields, standard and boss.

The field: Use a standard 6' by 4' table. The entire field is assumed to be covered in forest. The Attacking player will deploy on one of the short sides within 1' of the table edge. The Defending player will deploy his force on the opposite half.

Markers: Four markers are placed on the field, numbered sequencially (dice can be used). These are placed 6" from the centre of each edge, with the number 1 being at the edge to the Attacking Players right, and each in order going counter-clockwise (4 will be at the Attackers deployment zone).


First Turn: Attacker goes first.

Defender - you'll probably lose. You're fulfilling the job of a Game Master.
Attacker - You will win if/when you get all four of the markers. You get them by moving over them, but you must claim them in sequence (1, 2, 3, 4, in that order).

Additional Rules:

Defending Players Modus Operendi:
You aren't controlling an army so much as a disorganised mob. So, your units will follow a strict pattern (don't tell your opponent if you don't want to). Also, you have no general, so expect to fail many Ld tests.
No Animosity Tests. Save yourself a little time. Or, ignore this if you want.
Shooting units will never charge, will shoot at the closest unit they can, and will (try to) quick reform to get a shot if they cannot shoot from their current position.
Melee units will charge if their foe is within M + 8" (M + 10" for Swiftstride units) and will move towards the closest unit if there is no such unit.
In combat, always issue or accept challenges with the best available model.
In combat, your units will direct half the attacks that can be allocated to that character and the other half to another target (ie. another character in contact or the rank and file) where possible.
When dispelling, always dispel the first spells successfully cast with the following guidlines. Casting Value of:
5 or less: 2 dice
6 - 9: 3 dice
10 - 12: 4 dice
13 - 15: 5 dice
16 or more: 6 dice
If you don't have enough dice, use what you've got.

New Units:
Through the course of the match, the defending player will get more units. They will enter the field either at the next target the Attacker must aquire or where specified. These new units may charge in their next movement phase.

After each Attacking Player's turn, he rolls a die. Consult the following Chart:
nothing nothing
Replace 1 of the original 6 units (defending players choice). If all these units still exist, bring one up to full strength.
Place a new Unit of Goblin Spearmen (identical to the starting units) at the next target.
Place a new Unit of Night Goblin archers (identical to the starting units) at the next target.
Place a new Unit of Spider Riders (identical to the starting units) at the next target.

When a target is taken, additional Defending units will emerge.

Target 1:
A unit of 30 Goblin spearmen (with light armour, shields and full command) are placed as close as possible to where target 1 was.
A Spear Chukka is placed on Target 2.

Target 2:
A unit of 30 Goblins spearmen (as above) with a Goblin Big Boss (light armour, shield) are placed as close as possible to where target 2 was.
A unit of 10 Spider Riders (spear, shield, full command) with a Big Boss (spear, light armour, shield) are placed at target 3.

Target 3:
A Rock Lobba is placed on Taget 4.
A Final Boss is chosen* and placed as close as possible to where target 3 was.

Originally, my final boss was a unit of 30 Night Goblin spearmen, with Nets and full command, led by a Goblin Warboss (light armour and shield). Then, I got the idea of using my personal special character Zorburg Groinsplitter (who is no longer on here, drat) and his unit of Heavy Gobbos. Then, I got the idea of using a Giant. Basically, think of a decently themed Final Boss for your opponent to fight, or think of several and dice off (as I did).

We did play it twice, first with Lizardmen (Only the Oldblood and Scar Veteran survived out of 1000 pts), then with Ogres (much greater success rate... blasted yethees.). It was loads of fun. I figured I'd post this here so people could comment or give suggestions for changes. One we came to the conclusion of was to adjust the New Unit table so that Stronger units will show up later in the game (eg. Add the number of the last token taken to the roll and add a 7, 8, and 9 result on the table with stronger units).

p.s. If an admin feels this should be in Battle Reports, please move it. I posted it here since there is no actual report.

19-04-2012, 06:30
Seems really nice, also easily adaptable for other defenders if you felt like it (ie beastmen off the top of my head).

Good scenario, thanks for posting it. :)

Andy p
19-04-2012, 07:13
Love it, love everything about it, I may just ask my friends if they want to take part in something like this.

Lots of thanks for posting this!

19-04-2012, 08:13
It's probably going to be moved to the GW rules development forum where it will die a quick, anonymous death just like everything else that ends up there.

19-04-2012, 09:59
It's probably going to be moved to the GW rules development forum where it will die a quick, anonymous death just like everything else that ends up there.

I never go there, so I think its a very good thing he posted it here in general discussion (before it probably will get moved). I am going to try this out though, it really sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Andy p
19-04-2012, 10:54
It's probably going to be moved to the GW rules development forum where it will die a quick, anonymous death just like everything else that ends up there.

I honestly forgot that area existed.

19-04-2012, 11:55
Great scenario I will try it with my tree spirte army

19-04-2012, 14:26
I honestly forgot that area existed.

Which makes my point nicely ;)

20-04-2012, 00:30
Well thanks for your comments all. By all means, try it out for yourselves, modify it (actually, I thought of using my Beastmen and Marauders myself, but I don't have the Beastmen book, only the old Beasts of Chaos), and please, please, make suggestions for improvements.

A few things I should note about playing it as written above.
1. Since the entire thing is in a forest, none of the goblin units listed will be steadfast. This really came back to bite me when the Ogres played, as they'd easily win (at least 3/4 of the Fear tests were failed) and then the gobbos were breaking on 2 or 3.
2. If attacking, try to keep your force together. The lizardmen player tried to split up to acquire the targets faster and, while he did, he was quickly surrounded and lost almost all of his force. The goblins can easily win a game of attrition.
3. Have fun. The goblins are pretty much mindlessly attacking and it just makes fun if you kill tonnes.

Andy p
20-04-2012, 07:58
Which makes my point nicely ;)

You could say...that was THE POINT!!!

Oh ho ho....