View Full Version : Looking for WHfB clubs in and around MASS

29-04-2006, 16:53
Hey everyone,

I'm trying to get into Warhammer Fanatsy (and away from 40K) I was wondering if there were any good clubs around central Massachuessets?

29-04-2006, 18:12
i cant help think this site needs a club list or something...

29-04-2006, 20:44
I completely agree. :)

02-05-2006, 04:45
I know of a couple in and around boston, but outside of the area, I dunno much.

Poke around any stores which carry it and ask, someone is likely to know something (or know who to ask.)

04-05-2006, 02:47
Boston, eh? I'll be moving out there within 5 months myself - going to Suffolk University - and I'd be interested to know of clubs in the area or gathering places of players.

Hashut's Li'l Helper
04-05-2006, 13:31
Theres a GW store in harvard square that has a club, there is also the lost legion in waltham that meets at Danger Planet games. http://www.dangerplanetgames.com/

04-05-2006, 18:42
Hobby Bunker in Malden has players meet up regularly. (Wed and Sundays, I think?)

There's also other places too.