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Lord of Nonsensical Crap
20-04-2012, 20:46
Hey everyone,

Recently, I've been planning to run a campaign involving some of my regular fellow gamers. Given who I already know will be participating, campaign will be fought primarily between Tau and Orks, though the Eldar will be involved as well. I've decided to post what I've planned so far, to see what you all think of it.

BACKGROUND: The campaign takes place on Madrigal, a formerly Imperial planet only recently "acquired" by the Tau Empire. The Tau forces on the planet have barely settled in, however, when the warp opens above their planet, spilling an Ork armada into orbit. The Tau fleet is devastated by the overwhelming assault, and before long, the Tau conquerors find themselves being invaded.

At around the same time, however, the Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc have seen a mysterious reflection on the strands of fate-- of something terribly ancient on Madrigal, which has the promise of life and the threat of death intertwined in the same terrible destiny. Knowing that the presence of the Tau and Orks on Madrigal can only disrupt what is already a tenuous strand of fate, the Eldar have intervened to uncover the mystery of the planet before something terrible happens.

PARTICIPANTS: I already know who will be participating in this campaign, but for the sake of formality, there will be two sides in this campaign: an Eldar player and a Tau player, and 1-2 Ork players.
Note that I myself will not be an active participant, unless absolutely necessary-- ie, if some participants can't make it, as explained below. For the most part, I will instead be fulffilling the role of "GM" for this campaign, delivering the narrative and giving the players choices to make. On campaign weeks where some participants can't make it to their scheduled games, the GM (me) will play a game against their opponent so they at least can get a game in. This will represent a neutral faction (Dark Eldar) randomly attacking both sides of the conflict.

LENGTH : As this is my first time running a campaign, i don't want it to drag on for too long. For this reason, the campaign will last a maximum of five to weeks (Campaign Turns), with the last one being a "final battle" using Apocalypse rules.

FORMAT: There will be a map included in this campaign, but it will primarily be there for the sake of reference-- there will be no special rules for moving armies on the map. Instead, the campaign will be ladder style (ie, some scenarios will lead to other scenarios, depending on their outcomes), with a twist: scenarios are dependent on the choices that individual players make.
Actions by the campaigning armeis each week will be determined in a narrative matter-- at the start of each turn, the GM will roleplay a scene with each player, who will be acting the role of his/her army's general. The actions which the players decide to implement will then allow the GM to determine which scenarios are being played, and who will be battling who. For example, The Imperial Guard player decides to advance his forces through the jungle, while the allied Grey Knight player decides to go investigate the nearby temple. On the other side, the Eldar player decides to have forces hide in the jungle to harry any humans who come through, while the Tau decide to reinforce their positions by the hive city rather than send anything into the jungle. The end result is Eldar ambushing Imperial Guard, and Grey Knights fighting a small scale (500-750) Capture and Control mission against the Tau.

I should add, at this point, that most of the people who I am considering asking to join are regular players of DnD and other RPGs, so the roleplay aspect shouldn't be too awkward for them.


Battles will be fought with scenarios from the main rulebook, and, if players are comfortable with them, Planetstrike, Battle Missions and Cities of Death as well. One or two missions may also wind up using the scenarios posted for the Astronomicon tournament.

Tau- Tau may take Gue'vesa. (Think Imperial Guard squads, but without the usual upgrades. Instead, they may be armed with pulse rifles for +2 points per model)


Scenario: Planetfall (Codex: Planetstrike)
Synopsis: With the orbiting Tau fleet decimated, the Orks have begun their assault on Madrigal. Although they have been caught by surprise, the Tau are not unprepared: the defence networks originally built by the Imperium have been left largely intact, and are now being manned by Fire Warriors. In order to land their heavier ships without incident (well...without more incident than usual), the Ork bosses have seen the need to eliminate Tau surface batteries first and foremost. Rok-mounted Ork warbands enter Madrigal's atmosphere like fiery comets, descending towards the defence lasers with choppas ready...
Attacker: Orks
Defender: Tau
TAU VICTORY- With the defence lasers still active, Orks are forced to land further away from main hive. The Tau now have the initiative, and have the choice of either the Mont'ka or Kauyon mission next round.
ORK VICTORY- Orks have capture the lasers, and now have the momentum. The Orks have the option of harrying the retreating Tau forces (Red Ones Go Fasta), or moving to capture a nearby manufactorum ("Tanks for da Memories")


Scenario: Dawn of War Annihilation (modified)
Synopsis- The Shas'o has chosen to adopt the Mont'ka strategy-- the Killing Blow. Utilizng fast-moving units, the Tau and their Kroot allies launch a night assault on the Ork bridgehead, with the aim of inflicting crippling damage on their materiel, supplies or even leaders. The Tau have a choice of
Special Rules: The Tau have three objectives in this battle-- the Warboss, an ammo cache, and a fuel dump. If a Tau unit holds the ammo dump or cache for 1 turn, they get 2 kill points for each objective. If they the Ork Warboss, they gain 3 kill points instead of 1.
ORK VICTORY- The attack fails, and the Tau are forced to fall back. Orks regain the momentum.
TAU VICTORY- Ork forces suffer crippling losses. This has a different effect next round, depending on what the Orks lost: if the Tau got the fuel dump, then all Ork vehicles next round are immobilized at the start of the movement phase on a roll of 1. If the Tau got the ammo dump, then one unit (nominated by the Tau player) suffers from -1 BS for the whole round. If the Tau killed the Warboss, then next round, a Warboss may not be fielded unti the following round (as Da Nobz are still fightin over who will lead the Waaagh now).

Syopsis: Early in the fighting, a Tau battleship was wrecked in orbit, its burning wreckage crashing down near what is now Ork-held territory. Refusing to leave any Tau behind, the Shas'o has sent in an extraction team to rescue the survivors of the ship.
Scenario: Dawn of War Secure and Control, OR Crash Site Recovery (Astronomicon)
ORK VICTORY: If the Orks capture the Air Caste survivors, then their Painboys extract vital intelligence from them. The Orks automatically gain the first turn in their next battle with the Tau, with no possibility for the Tau to seize the initiative.
TAU VICTORY: Rescuing their comrades from Ork clutches gives the Tau hope. All Tau units get +1 LD for the next round. In addition, the rescue of Tau pilots gives them some presence in the air war. The Tau get +1 in their rolls to go first in their next game.

Synopsis- The Shas'o decides to implement the Kauyon strategy- the Patient Hunter. Waiting for the Orks to advance out of the jungles, the Tau forces prepare a mobile defence, harrying at the Orks before withdraw out of range, hoping to inflict punishing casualties and slow their advance to a crawl.
Scenario: (undecided)
ORK VICTORY- Ork momentum increases- next game is "Waaaagh!"
TAU VICTORY- Ork momentum almost stops completely- may take the offensive next turn. The next scenario is "For the Greater Good."

Scenario: Blitzkrieg (Battle Missions), Spearhead Capture and Control or Fighting Withdrawal (Battle Missions) (I haven't decided yet)
Synopsis: After successfully making planetfall, the Orks go on the offensive, sending fast-moving mobs out to give the Tau a good kicking and force them back.
Special Rule: Aerial Bombardments. Due to the overwhelmin number of Fighta-Bommas the Orks are able to deploy, each round the Orks may launch a strafing run. At the start of each Ork shooting phase, the Ork player may call down a strength 8, AP3 Ordnance barrage blast anywhere on the table. The shot, however, will scatter 3d6 instead of 2d6 if it misses, and if it hits, it still scatters 2d6 in the direction of the arrow. In addition, every time the Ork uses this ability, roll a d6. On a roll of 1, the Tau player gets to place the template instead.
ORK VICTORY- Tau forces are now in full retreat, next game is 3-2- "Waaaaagh!"
TAU VICTORY- Tau forces hold off the brunt of the Ork onslaught and manage to regroup in good order. Next game is "Stalemate".

Synopsis: The Orks, in an effort to build up more war machines for the long campaign, have sought to capture the nearby mining and foundry settlements to start building more war machines. A handful of Tau defenders present are ready to sell their lives dearly as they prepare to destroy all equipment and blow up all mine shafts to deny their use by the Orks.
Scenario: Spearhead Secure and Control
ORK VICTORY: The Orks are now able to build war machines at an alarming rate. In Round 4, the Orks may field an extra Heavy Support choice. The next scenario is "Waaaagh!"
TAU VICTORY: The Tau have sacrificed themselves to deny the Orks vital war materials. The next scenario is either "Stalemate" or "The Alliance" (GM chooses)

Scenario: Ambush (Battle Missions)
Synopsis: A splinter of the Ork Waaagh advances into the jungle towards the strange energy source that the Orks discovered. However, the Eldar are aware of this, and want to be at the temple first. Moving quickly, the Eldar rangers prepare an ambush for the advancing Orks...
ORK VICTORY- The ambush fails, and the Orks reach the temple. The Eldar must now use more subtle means to stop the Orks. Next game will be "Kill Team", with Eldar as the attacker.
ELDAR VICTORY- The ambush succeeds, and the Orks are driven back. The Eldar may take the temple instead. Next game will be "Kill Team", with Orks as the attacker.

Scenario: Kill Team (Battle Missions)
Synopsis: One side now has the temple, and now other side is trying to retake it.
ORK VICTORY- Grave repercussions! The Big Mek has reactivated the ancient energies on the planet. All future games will be played with the new environmental table from White Dwarf as the planet's biology goes crazy.
ELDAR VICTORY- The Eldar now have an understanding of what it is, exactly, they are dealing with. Thanks to this insight, the Eldar have +1 on their roll to go first in Week 3. The Eldar may also choose whether or not to aid the Tau, in which case they immediately play "The Alliance." If they choose not to aid the Tau at this time, though, then they may do so in any other Campaign week.


Synopsis: Waaagh! The Orks are advancing on Madrigal's primary hive city.
Scenario: Waaagh! (Battle Missions) or a modified Pitched Battle Annihilation
Special Rules: If Pitched Battle, then the following extra rules: all Tau units gain the Stubborn special rule. All non-vehicle Ork units, if destroyed, may come back on as reserves next turn. The Tau players wins if he/she has any surviving units on the board at the end of the game. The Ork player wins if the Tau are completely annihilated.
ORK VICTORY: Nothing has stopped the Ork juggernaut. The Orks are now able to assault the primary hive city
TAU VICTORY: The Tau have blunted the Ork advance, at a cost. The next battle will be "For the Greater Good," or, if the Eldar have decided to join in at this stage, "The Alliance."

Scenario: Flank Attack (Battle Missions)
Synopsis: Despite its losses, the Ork advance continues. As the Tau hold the line, however, news arrives that the Eldar are coming to their aid.
Special Rules: All Eldar units may outflank in this mission. The Eldar player may choose which board edge his/her reserves come in from.
ORK VICTORY: Even the alliance could not stop the Ork advance. Allied forces are in retreat-- the next battle will be fought in the primary hive-city.
ALLIED VICTORY: The Ork advance has been thrown back. The Eldar and Tau are now able to go onto the offensive for the first time.

Scenario: Vertical Envelopment (Battle Missions), or a similar scenario
Synopsis: The Tau forces have taken the offensive, and are seeking to drive the Orks from the planet.
ORK VICTORY: If the Orks win, then the Tau have been thrown back. The next scenario, determined by the GM, is either "The Alliance" or "The Battle for Dirge."
TAU VICTORY: The Orks have been crushed in open battle by the tactical superiority of the Fire Caste, and are now in retreat. The next battle is "Cut and Run."

Synopsis: The war has ground into a bloody stalemate, with both sides attempting to break the deadlock.
Scenario: Black Crusade (Battle Missions
TAU VICTORY: Though it has cost them much, the Tau have beaten the Orks back. The next scenario will be "Fight Annuver Day."
ORK VICTORY: The Orks have successfully punched through the Tau lines. The next battle will be "The Battle for Dirge."


Synopsis: Madrigal's primary hive, Dirge, is now a battleground as the Orks fight bloodily for every inch of ground. The Tau are making them pay every step of the way. Only the Eldar (and possibly the Ork mek) know what's at stake here, as the second half of an ancient alien device lies buried within the vaults of the Imperial Museum.
Scenario: (Something from the Cities of Death book, with 1 primary objective)
Special Rules:
MILITIA- The citizens of the city, whether by choice or force, are taking up arms in their city's defence. The Tau player may take d3 squads of "free" Gue'vesa, or d3 squads of Imperial Guard Conscripts. These free squads may not take any upgrades.
ALLIED VICTORY- The Allies have denied the Orks their ultimate prize, and have forced them out of the city. However, they still have the bulk of the Ork horde to deal with. In the scenario "Grand Finale," the Allies may take d6 squads of free Gue'vesa or Conscripts.
ORK VICTORY- The Orks have captured Dirge and taken the secret in the Museum. The Allies have retreated to the sole remaining city, Ballantare. However, the Orks have also activated the ancient device hidden within the museum. In the next scenario, the Orks may take one extra strategic asset.

Scenario: Cut and Run (Battle Missions)
Synopsis: The Orks are in retreat. They have left a vanguard to harry the pursuing Tau and Eldar while most of the horde makes its escape back to their main base.
ORK VICTORY: The Orks are successful in their retreat. The Eldar and Tau get no additional bonuses in the final battle.
ALLIED VICTORY: The Orks are quickly overtaken. In the Apocalypse game, the Tau and Eldar may take one extra strategic asset.


Scenario: Apocalypse
Synopsis: It's all or nothing. One side has been beaten to the point where they have nowhere left to run (or, alternately, the two sides have stalemated each other to the point of a final clash). The battle for Madrigal is to be decided in one climactic battle.
Special Rules: If the Orks have captured both the Temple and Dirge, then Madrigal's biology has gone completely haywire. Each player turn, roll a d6 on the following table, and the following will appear from a random board edge:
-1-3- 2d6 Tyranid Hormagaunt equivalents
-4-5- d6 Tyranid Warrior equivalents
-6 A Tyranid Trygon equivalent
This represents native creatures of Madrigal wildly attacking everything in sight. These creatures will be controlled by the GM, and are all subject to the Rage special rule.

So, that's my campaign rough draft. Please tell me what you guys think of it. Any balance issues I need to address? Any ideas I should consider, or problems I should iron out?

tiger g
21-04-2012, 11:13
This is great.

Can you do one for space marines, imperial guard and necrons ?