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29-04-2006, 19:14
Don't know where else to put this, so it goes here..

Does anyone know if the Slayer of Kings is still available from GW in any way, shape or form?

The Warp Artefacts site still has the info and advertising on it but doesn't have anything else. The Black Library site lists it as a very depressing "out of print" :confused:

So am I going to be reduced by trying to get one from ebay?

29-04-2006, 20:16
Yes. Paypal away.

30-04-2006, 13:57
Damn. Ok, thanks.

30-04-2006, 23:26
try a search on the internet i no a few company brought a load off gw and where selling them, blades uk had some and so did a load of us sites, i was looking around just after i got mine and there where loads of places had them. just dont buy one of the rubish copys from ebay.

01-05-2006, 01:32
Yeah, I've noticed a lot of dodgy ones going cheap which looks like they've had a handle cast from a mould made from an original, and a very poor stainless straight edged stainless steel blade put in it.

Out of curiosity, isn't it highly illegal for them to advertise those swords as "the slayer of kings", using GW IP to advertise a product that is nothing to do with GW?