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22-04-2012, 18:34
I got this kit today and my goodness, it's a pain to put together.

The parts no only fit together, but theres little for the actual floor to rest on, meaning its difficult to decent purchase on the parts to get a good bond.

An utter pig of a kit. My friend also got the newest kit and that was also a huge chore to stick together.

Phew, rant over!

22-04-2012, 18:41
Well, the walls go together fine if you chop out the mold lines around all the parts of the wall.......however like you say, the wall doesnt fit the base. Mine went together but there was a lot of swearing and poly cement involved ;)

22-04-2012, 18:44
Theres going to be alot of filler in mine I can tell you!

22-04-2012, 20:28
Thats too bad I was looking forward to getting one of these once I finished my current terrain peice up. I will only buy one terrain peice at a time otherwise my house would be full of unpainted buildings lol

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22-04-2012, 20:55
I had absoloutely no problem assembling the one I did for the shops table. assembled top and bottom floor for ease of painting, then slapped them together. Perfect fit, no fuss.

22-04-2012, 21:24
I'm not having fun with Witchfate Tor. It's a shame that there are no tags to line the floors up with the walls, no strength across the floors, its extremely tough to get the walls circular (I ended up using the base as a template), there's nothing to line up the roof (trying magnets) and the 'columns' don't line up with the walls.

22-04-2012, 22:32
I had some problems getting the pieces to fit together, had to trim some plastic away, but there was no need for filling any gaps. Your mileage may vary.

The kit is a joy to paint, not that many small details to take up all your time, still it looks great on the battlefield. I just like to give it my recommendations, since I believe it is a good piece of plastic even though it can be a pain to put together.

Some of the Arcane Fulcrums are worse, and don't even look half as good, pretty cheap though.