View Full Version : To nibble stations! A Firestorm Armada Dindrenzi Plog.

22-04-2012, 22:17
Hi Peoples,

I've recently got into the great game which is Firestorm Armada, taking a particular liking to the rather "to the point" look of the Dindrenzi. I am now in the possession of a starter fleet, and thought this the perfect opportunity to test my Plog making skills. So here goes with my first model, a Hammer class Frigate:

I do apologise for the poor quality photos, I'll hopefully get some better ones up in the future. Any comments and critique would be greatly appreciated.



23-04-2012, 05:04
Nice paintjob, the bases are really good.

New Cult King
23-04-2012, 05:28
Sweet! I have a Relthoza fleet and Sorelian Collective fleet awaiting paint at home. You've inspired me to get into them :)

New Cult King
05-06-2012, 00:10
C'mon son, more more more please :D

05-06-2012, 00:19
Cheers for the comments peoples, and the bump NCK :)

I've been rather distracted by work, but that is now finished and I've had a week off, so I'll be getting back to painting. Later on today actually ;)

@NCK: Have you started on your fleets? And have you heard about the new rulebook coming out soon?

New Cult King
12-06-2012, 05:42
Uhm, I've been slack :shifty: Haven't been at my painting table for a while now. And no, haven't heard about a new book. What's the dealio?

11-07-2012, 09:22
looks good, thank you, another game i want to get into...

21-01-2013, 15:14
nice models, eventough I don't play this game.

now sacrifice that pengiun! ( yes, sadly that is the state of my mind, that I came here just to get you to sacrifice another helpless penguin... :evilgrin: