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25-04-2012, 21:45
This is going to be a small thread that I will post pictures of my current work in progress / finished Sci Fiction models. I'm currently looking at running a Firefly / Traveler theme RPG game so a lot of what I post will be playing a roll in that game however I plan on using miniatures from a wide range of product lines. If you want to read more about my projects you can do so here at my blog danvsdave.wordpress.com (http://danvsdave.wordpress.com/) - This is a painting competition that will start May 1st but I figured I'd throw out these teaser images today. Hope you enjoy them, and as always any comments, questions, or constructive criticism is welcomed.

These are going to be some well armed deserters turned Space Pirates but they are from the Mercs Game Line:

These are some desert theme raiders that I'm currently working on I want to go ahead and add some backpacks to them before I paint and prime them.

Anyhow I hope you enjoy them and I hope to be updating this thread soon!

28-04-2012, 12:28
I love Firefly so would like to see this develope for sure.

That's a nice shot of your finished mercs, and it's always good seeing lesser known model lines being posted here too.

Interesting desert raiders - are those Victoria Lamb rifles with WF 'Shock Trooper' bodies? I have been wondering how they would fit with each other! It looks like the joins need a little something tho... Have you considered giving them shoulder cloaks ala Tuskan Raiders? ;)