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30-04-2006, 08:37
This might seem weird as im in the middle of doing an Inquisitor army but i need to hear from some vetran DE player why i should play DE over NIDS and ideas about army list and combos and the such, its for a tourney so it can be a beardy army im not above that sorta thing for tourneys so be as beardy as you want in your suggestions. Also can you point me in the direction of any really good web sites on DE that have tactics and all that box and dice.

30-04-2006, 08:48
well 7 man raider squads, with splinter cannon and blaster, and agoniser on the succubus X lots is te backbone of any de army

30-04-2006, 08:55
well 7 man raider squads, with splinter cannon and blaster, and agoniser on the succubus X lots is te backbone of any de army

Yeah. The Beauty of Flying Coffins going downdown.:rolleyes:


Try http://www.40konline.com

30-04-2006, 08:56
The standard is the above x6 led by a tooled out Archon and Incubi Ret.

Lots of move and shoot.

Sadly I'm not up on the websites, but there is a Tactica here on Warseer.

I'm building a Wych Cult, which is another option, albeit almost entirely CC oriented.

30-04-2006, 10:20
Well, depends on wether you use them as flying coffins... Or as moveable Dark Lance / Desintegrator Platforms. :D

I'd prefer the latter actually. For about 50 to 75/80 points You can get yourself a Raider with a Nightshield and Desintegrator, which will fly around unscathed. And you have these in your Troop slots.

Then, just load up on Ravagers, make an killy Lord, and spend the rest of the poitns on wytches to support the Lord.

As for playstyle, they'd need lots of cover. Its exactly like playing with an Army filled with Land Speeders and little more.

Most tournament players would find them hard pressed to win, due to the apparent general lack of terrain on the board.

All in all i think Dark Eldar are a very nice army, in theory and sometimes, in practice. I feel they need a new line of models, if anything, but rules-wise, they are certainly good already. Just very fitting to a particular playstyle above all else.

If anything, I feel they should have a 0-1 Falcon equivalent tank, and possibly access to Incubi in Elites, to make them slightly better. Perhaps some other form of tough units to support the frail (But killy) Warrior Squads would be in order aswell.

Generally, however, I think they are alright.

Asi the Red
30-04-2006, 11:32
Hey ya'.

I don't play the pointy ear'd goths ;) , but I'll refer you to El T'taes's website which has some excellent material on it (IMO).
Horde Assault DE (http://warpstorm.net/tacticadehordeassault.htm)
Shooty DE (http://warpstorm.net/tacticadeshooty.htm)
DE Air Force (http://warpstorm.net/tacticadarkeldar.htm)
And the army that goes with the Air Force article:
DE AF (http://www.warpstorm.net/backinblack.htm)