View Full Version : Fenrisian Wolves?

26-04-2012, 19:12
Somehow, I let these sneak by unnoticed.

I have been thinking about getting some, mostly because I like wolves and want something for other games. What do people think of this kit? Better or worse than Chaos Warhounds? Better or worse than competitors wolves?


26-04-2012, 19:50
They have some interesting heads...nearly comic-book quality that wouldn't look out of place next to GW's greenskin lines.

That said, they're nice models - they've got some size to them that gives them a nice presence. Assembly looks to be pretty clean as well (I've noticed some of GW's recent plastics have some nasty gaps between joins (Immortal shoulder pads come to mind) which don't seem to be present on the wolves.

They're probably the best (or near to the best) kit for the money in the world of wolves - I can't think of another one that's suitably "plain" while still having a fair bit of detail. The look of them (heads especially) might be a bit polarizing for various modelers.

26-04-2012, 20:53
Having just assembled and painted a set, I'm a big fan of this kit. I bought them to use in place of Orion's hounds, and to expand my Wild Rider unit. Easy to assemble, easy to drybrush. And they look good, with their magical tattoos. With an appropriate paint job, I'm sure they'd look the part in your force.