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30-04-2006, 15:14
Just a relativly straight-forward mortal chaos army.. trying to make it a pretty all round army but also fun to play with, wanna stick with the undivided theme too..

Exhalted Champion: General, Great Weapon, Shield, Chaos Chariot

Bray Shaman: Lvl 2, Staff of Darkoth

Chaos Sorcerer: 2 Dispel Scrolls

6 Warhounds


16 Marauders: hand weapon + shield, full command

16 Warriors: 2 hand weapons, full command

6 chosen chaos knights: full command, war banner

6 Furies

Beast Herd: full command
12 Gors; 2 hand weapons
8 Ungors; shields

4 Chaos Ogres: 2 hand weapons, full command

Chaos Giant

any advice would be more than appeciated guys :)

30-04-2006, 17:40
I'd drop the Chaos Ogres and completely, you allready have a few very hity units and a Giant.

For the points, get four more Marauders, a Mutant Monstrosity for the Giant and arround two more Furies. If you still have points, throw in a unit of Marauder Horsemen with Flails and Musician to add that nice Flanking abillity to your army.

Another advice would be to give your exalted a Hallberd rather than a Greatweapon, seeing a Chariots does not want to get bogged down and a Hallberd at least will allow the Exalted to prevent people from striking at the chariot once it is in combat

01-05-2006, 01:11
Again here is the difference between Nekoh and I for I say GW>HB but hey its mostly preference. but if you do give your exalted the GW then I recommend you MAKE sure he does not get charged. as for chaos knights, 5 are plenty, and also take your dogs down to 5 in each unit, beef up the marauders to 20 (at least) and drop the ogres (not that terrific) beef up the furies (yes, as you said Nekoh), what I would also suggest is that with the remaining points is get some screamers (like 3) and make the furies around 7-8.

01-05-2006, 03:02
What i'd do is I'd drop one chosen knights (-45pts)
drop the ogres (-206pts)
degrade 4 gors to ungors and remove the shields from the ungors (-20pts)
bring both hound units to 5 models (-12pts) this also saves you about $15
switch the chaos sorceror to a brayshaman with 2 scrolls and a braystaff (-4pts)

this hardly changes the list and gives you 287 more points to spend!
With these points i would beef up the marauders to 20 men (24pts)
Also if your're not going to gives them light armour you might as well give them flails instead of shields. (same cost)
Add 2 more furies to your unit (30pts)
Add in a tuskor chariot (85pts) this is good for charging in tandem with your chaos chariot, that way they can actually break units together.
Give your exalted a helm of many eyes (25pts) This allows him to always strike first and with mark of chaos undivided, you shouldn't worry about the stupidity tests.
upgrade the new bray shaman to lvl 2 (35pts)
add a unit of marauder horsemen, 5 with flails and musicians (81pts)
Add a chaos Spawn (75pts) Give it either khorne for s5 attacks or slaanesh for 3d6 movement. Either one is good.
not sure if you had 3 pts lieft over but if you did you can afford to give your giant mutant monstrosity (20pts)

hope this help

01-05-2006, 08:00
Firewyrm of Tzeentch is also a highly interesting upgrade if you have two spawns, for two strength 3 breathweapons can severly hurt weakly armoured hordes such zombies, skeletons goblins, peasants etc.

02-05-2006, 21:12
8 gor 17 ungor. Buy two boxes and convert.

Wargor of Tzeetch with staff of dartkoth and powerstone.
Wargor of Tzeetch with gore tooth, greatweapon, and dispell scroll.

Bigger unit of marauders.

Smaller or no unit of CW.
no ogres
mutantant of monstrosity (good)
4-5 chosen knights

03-05-2006, 15:37
Night Reaper is dead on. (no pun intended) :)

05-05-2006, 00:14
cheers guys... thanks for all the advice, I'll definatly be giving some of your ideas a go :)

I do want to stick with the undivided theme ... just cos it gives the army a nice cohesion and I promised myself I wouldn't break out into the marks until I'd got myself a nice (fully painted) core of undivided troops to work from

seems that the concencus is drop the ogres ... if I'm honest they're only in the army cos I'm quite happy with the paint job (i'll post some pics of the army once my girlfriend returns my flippin camera) and they help tie in the Giant with the rest of the army visually (I'm a sucker for that)... but maybe I'll just save them for bigger games... I'll agree they don't seem to really do much

nice painting is the same reason my sorceror's included .. although he does make the marauder regiment leadership 8 which is handy

Mutant monstrosity is normally a given but I dropped it in favour of a dispel scroll... if I can free up the points it's in

I omitted to mention the marauders are equipped with light armour too ... silly me (give's them a nice save) .. the regiment definatly needs beefing up though ... right now they're basically a speed-bump for enemy cavalry

marauder horsemen are galloping onto the field the moment I've finished painting them :)

I've equipped my exhalted champion with pretty much every combination of magic items and equipment available over the years and I find (for the points) great weapon is the most effective... basically I do everything I can to ensure he doesn't get charged anyway so if he does find himself in that position halberds aren't gonna make much difference... and helm of many eyes, while useful....ALWAYS seems to go wrong JUST when you don't want it to! ... if i can free up the points I invest in either magic armour (armour of damnation for preference) just to help him out in challenges or a book of secrets just for the extra magic dice...

also with the knights I find 6 is handy as you'll be surprised how many unit strength 10 units there are out there and with chosen knights, when you inevitably start losing one or two to lucky shots or spells you really start to feel it in a 5 man unit.

gonna try out new combinations of gors and ungors too... realised I've been misreading the rules... sure I remember reading somewhere that ungors cannot outnumber gors but looks like I was wrong... can see how fewer gors and more ungors could work well

ok... here's the revised list (I've added unit names so you can get a feel for the army)

Wulf Ratha - Exhalted Champion (general): chaos chariot, great weapon, shield (226 pts)

Bjaer of the Iron Blood - Chaos Sorceror: 2 dispel scrolls (135 pts)

Ghazran the Blind - Bray Shaman: level 2, staff of Darkoth (135 pts)

5 warhounds (30 pts)

5 warhounds (30pts)

Riders of the Gerudan - 5 marauder horsemen: shield, throwing axes, musician (101 pts)

The Gerudan - 19 chaos marauders: light armour, shield, full command (158 pts)

The War Wolves - 16 chaos warriors: 2 hand weapons, full command (302 pts)

The Chosen of Bane - 6 chosen chaos knights, full command, war banner (345 pts)


8 chaos Furies (120 pts)

Skar's War-herd - Beast herd; (132 pts)
7 gors: 2 hand weapons, full command
12 Ungors

His Name is Sevar - Spawn of Chaos (60 pts)

Also Burk - Chaos Giant: mutant monstrosity (225 pts)

Total 1999

I'd quite like to upgrade the spawn to a bloodbeast but I'll have to fiddle around with the points a bit more first

cheers again guys :D

Alex Under
05-05-2006, 16:37
I liked your first list, but the second one is cool too. ;)

It's funny but when I posted my BoC list everyone was telling me to bring down the number of furies to 5 or 6, that there is no use for more... :eyebrows: Now they're telling you to take more... Don't really get it :confused:

Anyway, I like large units of them, to me they are very useful.

05-05-2006, 18:16
A Beasts of Chaos list can ambush with large beastherds, a mortal list cannot.
Therefore, mortal lists require larger blocks of warmachine hunters than Beasts, also due to the fact that your enemy have to split fire between the furies and the beastherds to save his warmachines, your Furies does not have to take such a beating and doesn't need to be that big in order to still stay effective at killing off single characters and the occasional warmachine.