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01-05-2012, 17:27
Hey guys.

I was wondering how much information on the 40k Slann there is floating about.

Also, what armybook for people use if they were constructing a Slaan type of list for 40K?

I recently came into a whole heap of lizardman models(about 140) and wanted to convert them into an army, I already play Southlands in WHFB so I was thinking about bringing them into the 40k universe.

Thanks in advance. :)

Lord Damocles
01-05-2012, 17:33
Most reasonably accessible useful information will come from the bestiary of Rogue Trader. The 3rd edition Codex: Necrons also had a little information.
EDIT: And the illustration in the 4th ed. Rulebook, of course.

An Advanced Search in 40K General and 40K Background for thread titles including 'slann' should turn up something.

01-05-2012, 17:34
Ok thanks mate!

01-05-2012, 18:15
This might help a little too.

The Warmaster
01-05-2012, 18:20
I remember the old Necron Codex recommended finding ways to use Lizardmen in 40K as degenerate descendants of Old Ones, since they're supposedly still alive and kicking (and the 'Crons hate them with a passion... or did, with the recent retconning of their lore, I don't even know anymore :confused:). We can't be sure whether this means Slann or not, since they have only really shown up in the 4th edition rulebook in that one John Blanche piece since Rogue Trader... but the links between the Slann and Old Ones, both in the old 40K background and via the obvious analogies with WHFB lore (and we know how much GW likes to spread some ideas across multiple games), suggest that it's likely.

Personally, I'd try and find a way to turn them into Loxatl, since those guys are awesome... lizard-aliens with flechette launchers that seem to have a tendency for eating brains. :evilgrin:

01-05-2012, 19:30
They're not the ones wiped out by Mymeara in Imperial Armour 11, right?

01-05-2012, 19:58
I have used some lizardmen Saurus and mixed them up with Necron warriors bits as bionic augmentations. They look reasonable and make them more W40K rather than WFB Lizardmen in space. However my really old WFB Slann models from back when the game was new are more like frogs than lizards.

01-05-2012, 21:22
Thats awesoem stuff are guys!

thanks for the info!

Hrw-Amen, I love mixed up crazy stuff, your models are awesome!

I'd still like to know what codex people would think would work the best. I'm either think Nidz, Kroot and guard. Guard mainly because it'll be a infantry army. But I like the idea of Nidz, skinks as termagants etc, etc.