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30-04-2006, 15:35
I've only played a single game of LoTR but very much enjoyed it and I am starting a Haradrim force to play against Rohan and Gondor armies. At this point I plan on building a 500pt. force with a possible expansion to 1000. My questions are:
- How many heros and of what type? (I plan on including a Hasharin, but not a Mumakil- beyond that...???).
-Is there such a thing as Too Many Raiders? Should they be armed with Lances or bows (or a mix?).
- How many standards? I'm thinking "two"- one mounted and one on foot. Or, is one sufficient in a 500 pt. force?

30-04-2006, 21:26
I have a Harad army. At 600 points, it reads something like this:

1 king (horse, lance)
1 Chieftain (horse, lance)
3 Chieftain (spear)
24 Warriors with spears
15 Warriors with spears and bows
5 Raiders with lances
1 lancer with bow and lance.

It comes out to 596 points, iirc, with 50 figures max. And I can say that it works very well.

I've tried playing with the Hasharin, but I have concluded that it raarely pays for itself. With only 1 might, he can easily lose fights. And a lowish defence doesn't help. Nope, in my books, he is too expensive for what he does.

The above army does well, though. I can testify to that.

01-05-2006, 02:35
I see all your Raiders are armed with lances; have you tried them with bows? And 4 Chieftans- 5 heros in total; that seems like a lot. Is that a usual number of heros for a force of that size?

01-05-2006, 08:50
I've tried with bows, and found that although a mobile bow is a good thing, with so few, they weren't really achieveing anything.

With a 50 figure limit, you would be hard pushed to reach the 600 point limit, so you end up sinking points into heroes. Lots of might. And without really having too much else to put them into. I opted not to take Sulidan, since the figure gets me to come out in a rash, so I went for the king and chieftains.

Basically, it allows the whole battle line and the two groups of raiders that I move around with to all have at least one hero in. Not a bad thing.

01-05-2006, 11:42
I have found that 1000pts tends to be too large a game unless you are planning to spend the weekend on it. I once played a game with 5 other players, 3 aside and a total of 1000pts good agianst evil.
It looked amazing with Gondorian lines led by an elven spearhead with Rohirrem cavalry on both flanks marching into an unending tide of Orcs, haradrim and Uruk-Hai. After the second round of close combat, which took nearly 50 minutes to complete, the game was abandoned.

In regard to your force I'd say: the more cavalry the better (but I'm slightly biased)
You should take a Haradrim King with a couple of captains. The Hasharin is very lethal on expensive troops like Rohan Royals or Swan Knights. Atleast one banner is good to have.
I think that on the scale you want to play, a mumakil would really help and that you're limiting yourself not to take one. It would also make combats quicker. However, I find that they are a liability in smaller games and require careful use and deployment.

Personally I like the Suladan model, The horse is stunning. I seem to be the only one to like him as the majority of my friends say that his armour looks wrong.

01-05-2006, 13:57
Hey Pert,

Can I ask why the heros have spears? would they not be better on the front line instead of at the back.

I may be way off as I have never actually played a game but I like the look of your force and it was just a thought I was having.

01-05-2006, 14:48
The spear is there purely to allow him to add an attack from the back line of the formation if it gets charged before it can re-form with him at the front.

Besides, I had points to spare... ;)

01-05-2006, 15:30
.Personally I like the Suladan model, The horse is stunning. I seem to be the only one to like him as the majority of my friends say that his armour looks wrong.
I don't like the Suladan model. That and I don't really care for the idea of models of Characters that don't exist in the book (or the movie). I can tolerate the Hasharin because I like the model enough.

So it looks like I have one for and one against for the Hasharin.