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03-05-2012, 11:11
This is a list I made using all my current models. It is not perfect, by a long shot, but lot of different models, and could be fun to play in a friendly game. Trying a lot of different models, and items! Not a problem if the list is not competitive!

Would very much like you opinion on the list, but actually I am not going to change anything anyway =)

What I like to know is instead which magic lore that would fit the list best for my lvl4 and my lvl1.

Please let me know the thoughts behind your choice,


LORDS: 450
Arch Lector: AoMI, Mace of Helstrum:
Wizard Lord, lvl4, White Cloak of Ulric:

Captain, FPA, Barded Warhorse, Shield, Sword of Striking:
Captain, BSB, FPA, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation:
Witch Hunter, Brace of pistols, Warrior Bane:
Master Engineer:
Battle Wizard:

CORE: 1020
30 Halberdiers FC:
30 Swordsmen FC:
20 Handgunners FC, HLR:
11 Knights IC, FC, Steel standard:

20 Greatswords FC, standard of discipline
5 Pistoliers, champ+RP+mus:
Great Cannon:

RARE: 490
Steam Tank:

TOTAL: 2997p

03-05-2012, 14:51
I went with shadow for the Level 4 and I would recommend beasts for the level 1, wyssans wild form is the best sig spell in the game IMO and will buff any of your fairly puny units significantly. For a 3k game I think your list will struggle against enemy hordes as they will have toys to deal with some of your other pieces too but your units are smallish by 8th standards and lets be honest not particularly scary even in larger numbers so Shadow seems a good lore to me as you can guarantee the sig spell which is nice for debuffing movement giving you more turns shooting then debuff WS or I or both when in combat, or debuff initiative and then use the damaging spells in the lore to take chunks out of bigger enemy blocks or even snipe stuff with pendulum it has nice internal synergy or if you get mind razor makes your troops WAY more threatening. Life and Light need a stronger combat presence to get the best out of them IMO, the rest of Beasts is not as good, Death, Metal and Heavens can be quite situational and opponent dependent barring a couple of spells, Fire is a nice all round lore and could help dent some blocks but is just not as powerful overall IMO as shadow.

03-05-2012, 16:11
Nice list, personaly I preffer some second unit (reiksguard) knights in this list.
Upgrade your pistoliers to outriders. Last battle I used 10 outriders
against1 giant and in 1 turn they blow it away :)

03-05-2012, 16:37
Hm, never tried shadow actually, might give it a try! Usually I use light, play alot vs vampire counts, but I find that the buffs are only for close combat, and short range, and other lores maybe have better buffs overall, like beasts, now with captains and ld10 general, the leadership based spells in Light, might not be as useful any longer. Thinking about Heaven myself, mostly for reroll 1, which can work well with primarily knights, and reroll 6 which would we be great vs grave guards and ghouls, lessening the effect of killing blow and poison.

Pistoliers are not always useful, but they killed the vampire lord last battle (with some help from 20 handgunners and a helblaster) Outriders sounds really great, maybe for my 4000 pts list :P