View Full Version : Older 40k style inspirational art collected anywhere?

03-05-2012, 16:04
Is there any where to find a nice collection of the older 80's and 90's 40k black and white art? I remember there being a lot more of it then what I have been able to find in random google searches.

Im mostly after the older style black and white drawings of the huge city invasions of orks into imperial cities and the like. But any where that still has the older art from 40k would be great!

I am wanting to design a huge imperial city that has been looted by orks for epic gaming and I'm after the older style black and white pics to base it upon.

I have found the odd bit here and there in old white dwarfs,but most of it has been the older style of ork buildings made by GW for terrain for the space marine/ epic games but if any one knows any where online that I can view a lot more of the older stuff I'd be most grateful!