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03-05-2012, 18:51
So i'm trying to do competitive etc list for my woc army using the models that i already have. It will back a good punch and have a good mobility, so tell me what do you think of it. Should i change something on it? I have some points left thou, but what to get with it, should i take spawn just for fun or pump up some of my units? Thanks already.

Sorcerer lord = 385
Lv.4, MoT, Enchanted shield, Talisman of preservation, Infernal puppet

Exalted hero = 204
Halberd, Shield, MoT, Bsb, Armour of destiny

Exalted hero = 164
Gw, Shield, MoK, Collar of khorne, Ironcurse icon

20 x Chaos warriors = 390
Fc, Shield, MoT, Rapturous standard ( Lord and Bsb goes here)

40 x Chaos marauders = 250
Fc, Gw, MoK

5 x Chaos warhounds = 30

5 x Chaos warhounds = 30

5 x Chaos knights = 260
Musician, Standard bearer, MoN

5 x Chaos knights = 260
Musician, Standard bearer, MoN

Hellcannon = 205

Chaos warshrine = 150

Total: 2328

04-05-2012, 18:43
take the sheilds off your exalteds, they will be in units for shooting and you cant use it in combat, also you would be better off with hallys on both as gw is kinda overkill and your giving up great init for asl and +1 str. str 6 is enough to wound most things on 2+.

with those points mount you khorne guy, drop 1ck and add both units together for 9+khorne guy, banner of rage. Use the points saved to get another small marauder unit for more banners(blood and glory,Meh). maybe 2 10 strong slaanesh units with standards.....maybe musicians or flails. In most games i would use em as redirectors and flankers , in blood and glory id snake a table edge to hide banners.

06-05-2012, 11:02
Remove the Warshrine, add another hellcannon.

26-05-2012, 10:49
Remove the Warshrine, add another hellcannon.

It's a good to have two hellcannons if etc rules would allow that, but they are restricted to 0-1 in etc tournaments. I will drop those shields of from my exalteds and change that gw for halberd. I might drop one knight out and combine those units with that rage banner. But what to do with rest of those points? Etc tournaments dont have any blood and glory scenarious so there is no need for extra banners. Should i add more to hounds or take spawns?