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30-04-2006, 17:52
Is ebay a good place to buy GW products? And if the answer is yes, should i buy from ebay stores or independent persons? :confused: :(

impending slaughter
30-04-2006, 18:04
In a word, yes. Buy from ebay, its great for picking up cheap stuff especially painted stuff. HOWEVER, it is massively overrated. You often have to wait around for what you want to come up and some people have had bad experiences with it.

Myself, I've bought alot of stuff of ebay both 40k and other stuff. Generally its been good.

In my experience individuals will answer questions faster than the stores will. Having said that, the real problems (like frauds) are far more likely to be individuals than stores. You'll have to make the call yourself on which you actually buy from (if you do at all).

Overal I say go for it, especially with the way GW keep hiking prices, it proves very useful

Some guy (UK)
30-04-2006, 18:33
Top Ebay begginer tips:

1) Never buy without a photo, exceptions are: if it is a friend, or if you really can trust this person ( i.e. previous experience with the seller).

2) Read every single part of the advert, terms and cons, postage costs, and look out for *'s.

3) Use paypal or similar payment method (if there is one)- I have had poor experiences with cheques- the item can take ages to arrive this way, as often the seller will sit on their ****. Paypal is much quicker and safer IMO.

4) Check the seller's feedback. If he has poor feedback, why is that? Also, if a seller has 95% + feed back (example) and sold alot of items, these guys can usually been trusted, with little worry. Whereas, if the seller has sold few items and has lower nineties or even lower positive feedback, be cautious.

5) Check the item's/ seller's location- makes sense really.

6) If it is an expensive item, ask for postal insurance- again, makes sense.

That is the basics for most items really. Other than that, you aren't at much risk. Just keep you wits about you.

And yes, most of the so called 'pro painted' models aren't actually that :rolleyes: :D

Later, Some Guy

30-04-2006, 18:40
I use e-bay to buy limited or OOP minis. We have in Poland a local internet auction site that treats polish users better (as compared to e-bay) and I pick quite alot from there. Just compare the prices of items from e-bay and e-shops.
As to goods not reaching destination I had one delivery missing from e-bay (but not that expensive) and a huge lot missing from an e-store (one located in UK and giving free shipment anywhere in the world). I still hope to receive the stuff, but I placed the order in february and it is still not here. What annoys me most is their reluctancy to respond to e-mails fast.

30-04-2006, 20:00
I've used ebay to pick up some cheap "fillers" for my marines (e.g. dreadnought, bikes etc.) Things I wanted but was prepared to wait for. But you can pick up some good second hand bargains on ebay and while they may need a bit of work/ re-painting, the end result is usually worth it.

30-04-2006, 21:15
most of my army is from ebay, I've not had any problems with it and picked up some very good deals from it

30-04-2006, 21:52
Thanks to all who replied, you have been of great help. :)

It seems ebay is a nice place to buy stuff then, so ill go for it. And thanks for the
beginner tips, they will come in handy, since ive never bought something on ebay before. :D

01-05-2006, 01:38
Thanks to all who replied, you have been of great help. :)

It seems ebay is a nice place to buy stuff then, so ill go for it. And thanks for the
beginner tips, they will come in handy, since ive never bought something on ebay before. :D

The warstore has GW at 20% off, and 25% off if you put in a large enough order.

So take the retail value of the blah box set, multiply by .8 to get the 20% off price. Then minus the shipping charge from that number. That's your max bid, right there. Otherwise you should get it from an online store like the warstore.

For super expensive $50 models like Steam Tanks, Hellcannons and Greater Daemon of Blah, you can usually get them for $20-22 if you wait long enough.

Large $40 models like the Anvil of Doom regularly sell for $20-22. In both cases the average player only needs one, so they're slow movers for stores. GW makes you order box sets in multiples of 2, so the extras invariably wind up on eBay.

Painted models sell for far less than they should, or far more if the paint job is good. If you can get them for cheap, and they're metal, a quick dip in the pine-sol makes them like new.

People sell tons of command packs for nothing since they don't sell. If you can get a package deal with tons of infantry blisters, so much the better. But command blisters are worth nothing on their own.

Start by buying a few things to get your trade rating off, then sell off everything you're not using. That way, your hobby becomes a zero sum game, with old toys paying for new toys. :D