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04-05-2012, 21:55
Hey fellow warseer's

In June i will be taking my vampire counts down to Throne of Skulls.

I'd like to point out with these 2 variations of lists below that im highly competative and play to win, but also have fun at the same time. Please dont whinge at the cheese if there is any - its designed for tournaments :p

If possible please give feedback for power level and any flaws i might have overlooked


Heinrich Kemmler


lvl 1 Necromancer (vampires) w/ dispel scroll


36 x skelies w/banner
35 x skelies w/banner
40 x zombies w/banner


17 x Crypt Horrors
3 x Vargheists


4 x Wraiths 1 Banshee

Ive also come up with a second variation - it's the same list, however the following changes have been made.

1) Remove 1 Crypt horror and the Wraiths
2) use the points on 5 hero Wraiths

The logic with this idea is that i deploy the zombies 5 wide and pull all 5 wraiths in the front rank. point and shoot at a unit i want to hold up all game (make sure it doesnt have magic wpns ofc) with the weight of attacks the wraiths put out , plus the ranks and banners and the ability to not be hurt means that it turns zombies into a unit to be feared, plus it will either go unnoticed because of the Crypt horrors - or will take the fire away from the Crypt horrors, either way its a win win.

Please let me know your thoughts



05-05-2012, 04:44
Use the hero wraith idea (unless u face a heavy magic army) and split the horrors into two units of 8 as this gives u more versatlity and 16 n one unit is jus too many

05-05-2012, 05:43
Kemlers the right way to go for 2k. The crypt horrors need to be 2 groups, the varghiests aren't needed really, your core is kinda meh since zombies are better. That 35 skeletons are two 30 man zombie squads. Necromancer needs to be level 2 and possibly with RoFD or cursed book. Kill other hordes dead.