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05-05-2012, 00:33
Hello :)
After a lot of back and forth, I have decided to get back into this hobby again. And in the end I decided that fantasy is a little bit cooler than 40k, I can remember buying dragons and monsters back when I was a kid.
The only problem now is choosing an army. And so far I have managed to boil the armies I want down to these 4: VC, Dark Elves, High Elves and the Empire. I do also know that I want to have a mage in my army and at some point someone riding some kind of monsterous creature ^^,
So my question to you is, which of these four would you choose and why?

- Regards tant00l

05-05-2012, 00:53
Do some research into each of these armies. Look at the various models each one has to offer and also the playstyle. After doing this use the overall look of the army as a weight on aiding in your overall decision as honestly you will have to enjoy modelling and painting your army as it is as much a part of the hobby as playing the game itself. Everyone is going to tell you something different because we all enjoy armies for different reasons.

It is an expensive hobby so ultimately the choice is going to have to be based on how you feel after your research. Not really based on the opinions of others as those opinions might not mesh with your overall feeling of why you want to play the game, how you want to play the game and what you actually want to build and field.

05-05-2012, 00:54
Empire and VC are both 8th ed books so they won't be redone in the near future which is a plus. Also, they are very balanced armies with many option to suit many different playstyles.
Both elf books are considered fairly open to abuse if you go for power gaming, but are quite characterful.

VC Pros - Very cheap troops with very good buffing units (corpse carts and mortis engine). Almost all characters are magic users and have access to ride big beasties.
Cons - core troops sue in droves and even the elites need to be used wisely as step up can turn a good combat into a route. Loss of the general can have a huge impact on the rest of the game.

Empire Pros - Jack of all trades can compete in every phase. Detachments work very well with the new rules. Troops and characters are cheap and wizards have access to all lores.
Cons - Jack of all trades won't dominate any phase to the same degree as other armies.

High Elves Pros - ASF for the entire army. High leadership means that they'll hang around. Elite units have massive damage output.
Cons - Low toughness across the entire army make them vulnerable. Lists open to abuse (Teclis, etc)

Dark Elves Pros - Army wide hatred.
Cons - Low toughness across the entire army make them vulnerable.
I don't know enough about them to make a more informed argument.

Personally, I play VC and despite losing a lot (more my fault than the army) I live the synergies that are in play.

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05-05-2012, 01:17
I personally play Empire and High Elves.
VC- Brand new book and very competitive. Extremely powerful characters and if you like monsters then there are few things more intimidating than a Vampire on a zombie dragon :) Certainly a horde army as their core are cheap... like dirt cheap... like 6 feet under the dirt cheap (excuse the pun) and can be resurrected. Every vampire is a wizard of some ability and so it is impossible to build and army without magic.

Empire- My current project. Easily my favorite army storyline wise, and i love their regimented ordered style of warfare. Also a brand new book, (just a couple weeks ago) and they are sort of a "horde" army, they go about it a bit differently. They rely on the shooting phase to to wear down the enemy before hammer and anvil'ing them into the dust. The detachment system (while slighltly, less useful than the last book) opens up all sorts of oppurtunities. They have access to every basic lore of magic, and the generals can ride the (new and much larger) griffon into battle.

05-05-2012, 01:29
High Elves- My first fantasy army, and they are an older book, but still very competitive. A more elite than either VC or the Empire, they rely muhc more on their special choices. If you enjoy killling the enemy before he can even strike back then this is the army for you, but don't expect them to take much of a hit in return. ASF across the army and a high initiative means they'll hit first and hit the target most of the time. And definitely a powerful magical army, and magic is certainly useful for making your rather average troops much more powerful (Okkam's mind razor!!!) and let's face it, princes riding dragons are awesome.

Dark Elves- Very similar to high elves, the only real differences are their magic is much more offensive, and they have more monsters (the dreaded hydra) and much darker when they're painted. Also your generals can ride Manticores and Black dragons, and repeater crossbows are absolutely brutal (think medieval machine guns). Somone feel free to correct me on all this as i've never played as the Dark Elves, only agaisnt them a few times.

05-05-2012, 01:33
In the end it comes down to what you want, i'm not a hyper competitive player so i tend to choose armies on how cool they look, how much they're background appeals to me, and if you like how they play on the tabletop. Plus given the expense of the hobby... you might pick one that uses fewer models. :)

05-05-2012, 11:17
I'm a VC player. You want a guy on a monster eventually? The new Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon is freaking cool and much bigger than the high elf dragon, much more intimidating and just awesome.
You want good magic? Vampire Counts have the ability to get very good magic, fluffwise the army relies on magic.

They're fun, you don't have to worry about stuff running away; the models are mostly very new and look awesome and they can be played many different ways (ethereal heavy, cavalry heavy, flyer heavy, strigoi, lahmian, magic heavy, necromancer themed etc etc).

But that's my biased opinion. Just choose the army you like the theme of, you like the models, you like the playstyle and go from there. Most importantly think "can I remain mentally stable whilst painting those models?"
For me and high elves the answer was no, as pouring that much detail and cleanliness into each model would drive me insane. For VC I said yes, because zombie should look dirty and rotten anyway.

05-05-2012, 11:47
You should choose the race that suits your character the best - Dark Elves for violent slaughter and treachery, High Elves for nobility and arcane knowledge, vampires for terrorizing your foes and forbidden secrets or Empire that can stand against all odds and prevail.

05-05-2012, 19:20
Alternatively, pick the models that you like the look of best and do that army.

Remember, if you don't like the look of the models that are going to have to form the main core of your army, then painting them will be a chore, and you'll never finish them or give them enough attention.

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Mentat Bashar
05-05-2012, 19:32
I'm gonna give the you the economy argument, which is that for a beginner's army, more models per buck is a good thing to have in mind. That being the case, my first and foremost army has always been the Empire for the fluff, the character, and just the fact that they usually seem to be the protagonists of Warhammer, as they being human are the most relatable. And they just got a new book. And several huge and insanely cool new stuff.

That being said, I also moonlight as a HE soon-to-be-player, and the fact that you don't need as many elves to have an army ready for playing, plus the fact that you get a lot of them in the island of blood set, AND that you can find them at a cheap price on Ebay and such - that's just makes for a good alternative.