View Full Version : 2400 pt WoC with no W

05-05-2012, 04:06
hi there here is a list i would like to take to an upcoming tournament

CHAOS LORD -- Sword of might, enchanted shield, blasphemous amulet & the book of secrets (shadow)

CHAOS SORCERER -- Spell familiar, dragon helm, 2nd level upgrade & MoS

CHAOS SORCERER -- Infernal puppet, 2nd level upgrade, ironcurse icon & MoS

BsB -- Banner of rage & extra hand weapon
49 MARAUDERS -- Flails, full command & MoS

35 MARAUDERS -- Gweapons, full command & MoS

31 MARAUDERS -- Shields, full command & MoS

5 WARHOUNDS -- Jaws & will of chaos

6 WARHOUNDS -- As above

6 WARHOUNDS -- As above
4 DRAGON OGRES -- Gweapons & champion

1 WARSHRINE -- Giver of glory

we are restricted on rare choices, as i normally run 2 warshrines, and max unit size is 50 models including chars. works out to be 2400 neat
i have 75 warriors but thought id run something different

05-05-2012, 11:34
I like the idea! :D

No mark on the BSB Chariot or Shrine?


06-05-2012, 20:23
haha it is not too bad an idea. no marks on any of them. played it on sunday vs a dark elf force and i won, so feeling happy with choices. will post up pictures as i paint them