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05-05-2012, 14:22
From what i see on BRB p61 pursuing units can pivot and move through friendly units who have not yet rolled their own pursuit move when pursuing a fleeing enemy in a multiple combat.

Does this mean you can move through friendly units who have not yet rolled their own pursuit move at all times in a multiple combat?

For example if the unit of goblins had to flee directly away from the smaller unit of spearmen could the smaller spearmen unit still make its pursue move before the larger spearmen unit (therefore pursuing through the friendly unit before it makes it's own pursuit move)?

(note: i realise the goblins MUST flee from the larger unit but lets talk hypothetically)


If a pursuing unit that is forced to pivot and move over a friendly unit in a multiple combat and is unable to clear that friendly unit with its pursuit move what happens?

Like this:



Goblins flee
Crossbowmen pursue and pivot about their centre
Crossbowmen roll double 1 for their pursuit move and are unable to clear the Halberdier unit.
Where do the Crossbowmen go?
Do they stay where they are?
Are they bumped up the extra move they need to be placed an inch in front of the Halberdiers?

05-05-2012, 15:58
Multiple combats are rather complex, so it's not surprising that not every scenario is covered by the rules. You are neither permitted to or denied the opportunity to skip across your friendly units, so if you need to resolve a complex situation you should discuss with your opponent and come to an agreement. As a rule of thumb, though, I would say that if a pursuer can stop before making contact with a friendly unit then it should do so.


07-05-2012, 15:51
Also it seems to be the case as per page 60 and the example on page 61 of the BRB that you make all your pursuit rolls first before you decide which unit to move. So if the Halberdiers didn't restrain and you saw your Crossbowman roll snake eyes, you could always move the other unit first.