View Full Version : Starting 1000 Pt Dark Eldar.

Santa Clauz
06-05-2012, 14:55
I used to be an avid 40K player, and dabbled in fantasy on the side, but recently had some friends start playing fantasy, and decided to get back into it and join them. I decided to work with dark elves because they seemed like an army I'd enjoy playing. In any case, I'm trying to get a 1000 Pt army to start, and was considering this:


Supreme Sorceress w. Sacrificial Dagger: 250 Pts.


20 Crossbowmen w. Musician: 205 Pts

20 Crossbowmen: 200 Pts


8 Shades inc. bloodshade w. great weapons and light armour: 170


Hydra: 175 Pts.

Pretty simple game plan, shoot and magic things to death, shades to deal with the usual stuff and flank charge, and the hydra because... well it's a hydra, hydras are just awesome.

purge the daemon
06-05-2012, 15:24
You called the thread dark eldar not dark elves. Lol. A line hydra as your only cc unit will be the target of everything.

Santa Clauz
06-05-2012, 23:48
Derp, thanks anyway.