View Full Version : 2000 Empire to fight Warriors of Chaos

06-05-2012, 21:38
I am trying to make an empire list for my daughter to play against my warriors of chaos army. I want something ideally that will win about 50% of the time (ie, nothing designed to just slaughter the chaos). I am posting my typical chaos list followed by what I have for empire so far (I haven't really played empire yet in 8th, just prior, but have or can get just about any unit).

Chaos - Lord (anit-heroes, skinhidden plate, sheld, chaos steed), Throgg, Death sorcerer lvl 2 (third eye, dispel scroll) - Core - 19 chaos warriros (FC, khorne, halberds, shields), 5 trolls, 10 warhounds - special - 9 chaos knights (FC, khorne) - Rare - Hellcannon = 1992

EMPIRE (so far)
Grand Master (ogre blade, dawnstone, crown of command, shield)
Beasts Wizard Lord (Talisman of Protection, dispel scroll)
Captain (BSB, Full plate, enchanted shield)
Warrior Priest

40 Halberdiers (FC)
10 Handgunners (marksman with long rifle)
9 IC Knights (FC, Banner of Swiftness)

5 Outriders (sharpshooter, musician)
2 Cannon
3 Demigryphs


Total = 1986

Please critique this empire list/help me build one that can be competitive against the above chaos list, but that will also be easily scaled up to 2500 points later. Thanks.