View Full Version : Tolkien Weekend 13-14 May 2006

30-04-2006, 21:40
For those wishing to discover more about the like of the great Professor, the annual Tolkien Weekend will be held at Sarehole, Birmingham over the weekend 13-14 May 2006:


Tolkien lived in Birmingham between 1895 - 1911 and some of the sights may have helping inspire him. For example, Sarehole Mill was a favourite haunt of Tolkien during his childhood:

Recently I saw in a paper a picture of the last decrepitude of the once thriving corn-mill beside its pool that long ago seemed to me so important. I never liked the looks of the Young miller, but his father, the Old miller, had a black beard, and he was not named Sandyman. Quote taken from LOTR Foreword.