View Full Version : 2400pt Dark Elves - Tournament, but not that competitive.

07-05-2012, 08:12
Hey all. I'm currently building up my Dark Elves into an army that will spend most of next year at as many Tournaments as possible. However, it's more going for models I like, units I like and hopefully some best painted Prizes!

All models are from Gamezone, except the Witch Elves which are coming from Raging Heroes, and the Cauldron which will be a custom job. They are all gorgeous sculpts, superior in every way to the GW Dark Elf range I feel, which is still nice, but Cold Ones and Corsairs aside is pretty dated.

Anyway, I want it to be able to hold it's own, so rip into it guys, good to hear thoughts/feedback (I'd rather keep as many Witch Elves as possible though!)

This is for New Zealand, we pretty much play South Coast GT Comp (So pretty light)-

Lord – Supreme Sorceress
Level 4 Wizard
Dark Pegasus
Pendant of Kaeleth
Darkstar Cloak
Lore of Shadow

Hero – Sorceress
Dispel Scroll
Lore of Metal

Hero – Death Hag
Cauldron of Blood
Battle Standard Bearer

30x Dark Elf Warriors
Full Command

5x Dark Riders
Repeater Crossbows

10x Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen

10x Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen

10x Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen

5x Harpies

5x Harpies

40x Witch Elves
Full Command

40x Witch Elves
Full Command

So, my thinking for each unit. Supreme Sorceress is on a Pegasus because the Gamezone model is gorgeous. Should be obvious why I've gone with Shadow, Lifetaker is to kill chaff and ethereals, Cloak is because she won't all that often be in a unit, so I feel it's a better buy than the Dagger.

Sorceress is for Scroll and the sig spell, lots of Cav, Mournfangs, Necro Knights and Demigryphs around at the moment, so a bit of a meta choice.

Cauldron is in because it gives me the oppurtunity for a centerpiece. Oh, and it's alright I guess.... :shifty:

Spearmen are in because I like the Gamezone mini's, and they are a decent enough bunker. Also help fill up Core.

Crossbowmen, I don't rate that much, but again, like the model and they are useful for clearing chaff. chipping wounds off things etc and filling core.

Dark Riders. Solely in because of the amazing models, but they seem like a useful, if overpriced, nuisance/War Machine hunting unit.

Harpies. 2+ in every Dark Elf list I can think of.

Witch Elves. For actually killing things. I just adore the new models, and I think 2 units of 40 is more than most people can deal with easily. Benefit a lot from the Cauldron buffs and obviously Mindrazor, but even without it I think that many Poisoned attacks ought to put a dent in most things. With the nerfing of Empire artillery and the removal of Mortars and Helstorms from nearly all lists I feel a lot more comfortable putting this many T3 no armour models in my list.