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07-05-2012, 21:47
After deciding Wood Elves left something to be desired in the fun games for both people department I decided to try something else. I've only had a few games with Chaos Dwarfs before so figured I'd try some more. As I'd never used one before I thought I'd give the Destroyer a try. I also figured it would be a good first battle rep to post.


Chaos Dwarfs:

Sorc Prophet: Lore of Hashut, level 4, Power stone, charmed Shield
Castellan: BSB, Black Hammer of Hashut, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Potion of Speed
Daemonsmith: Lvl 2, Dispell Scroll.
Hobgoblin Khan: Wolf, LA, Spear. X2

Infernal Guard: 26, Full Command, Hailshots, BoEF
20 HobGoblins with Bows.

Kadaii Fireborn: 4
DeathShrieker: Hellbound
Magma Cannon X2

Kadaii Destroyer

Lizardmen:(not sure what the exact magic items were, only what was used, filled in what I can.

Slann: BSB, Loremaster, Banehead, Feedback Scroll, Ethereal.
Scar-Vet 1: Not sure on exact equipment, but 1+ save, Frenzy Sword and 2+ Ward for first wound.
Scar-Vet 2: 1+ Save, Dawnstone, 2+ Ward against fire, Great Weapon.

Skink Skirmishers: 10 X2
Saurus:25 Full command, Spears, Shields X2

Temple Guard: 24 Full Command

Salamander X 2

Cold One Cav: 5 Banner of Swiftness.

Terrain & Deployment.


I Managed to get the side of the table I wanted, I knew I had the advantage with the scenario anyway. My main issue was thinking about the Scar Vets, If they could get amongst my line I was thinking it could mean trouble. Feeding the destroyer Skink units while the rest of my points got mullered. After deployment I roll my magic weapon and get +1 to channel and then my Prophet gets baneheaded

My Deployment Left to Right, Wolf Boss, Fireborn, Magma Cannon, Destroyer, Wolf Boss, Infernals (Castellan & Prophet Here), HobGoblins (with Deathshrieker, magma and daemonsmith Behind)
His Deployment Left to Right, Cold One Knights (with both Scar Vets), Skink Skirmishers, Salamander, Templeguard with Slaan, Salamander, Skink Skirmishers, Saurus1, Saurus2.

The only terrain that really plays a part is a Sorcerous portal Just to the left of the centre.

Slann: Loremaster Light
Prophet: Curse of Hashut , Ash Storm, HellHammer, Flames
Daemonsmith: Glittering Robe, Enchanted Blades.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 1:


Movement: Dwarfs and Hobgoblins shuffle forward, I keep everything else back so I can react to threats better. As I have only played Lizardmen once before I was a little unsure as to what everything could do.
Magic: Speed of Light gets cast on the Temple Guard from the portal. Dice is 12 vs 6. I have a massive Dilemma on my hands, I know the feedback scroll is coming with the banehead being used. I plan to use a max of 4 dice on any spell figuring that should limit the damage the scroll can do. I start with a 4 Dice Curse on the Saurus2 Block. The dispel attempt is failed (I think with 5 dice I rolled quite low.) I then 6 Dice Flames knowing the Feedback scroll can't be used. I place the template on the the Slann's Head, he passes the LoS but 7 Sarus Die to the spell. Not a bad first magic phase.

Shooting: I start by launching the DeathShrieker at the skinks using the incendiary rockets. This scatters 10 inches off the skinks. Right on top of the Slann's head. As this is a direct hit the large template is used. This leads to another 4 Temple Guard biting the dust. The left most Cannon then shoots the Temple Guard also, this takes out another 4. The right cannon shoots it's max range, manages to get a favourable "bounce" after I risked rerolling a 2" initial roll with the daemonsmith. This kills 3 Skinks.

Lizardmen Turn 1:


Movement: Essentially everything moves up.
Magic: Plague of Rust on the Sally from the portal, 11 vs 7. My main aim was to allow any buffs but stop the DD spells hitting the destroyer. He starts by casting a Boosted Shems at the Destroyer which he rolls 28 for using 5 Dice (4+1 free) I decide I can't risk dispelling it and so use my scroll. Next up is Banishment again on the destroyer which he uses 5 dice for, I use 6 dice and manage to dispel. The remaining two dice are used to cast Speed of Light on the temple guard.

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 2:


Both Kadaii pass their toughness tests.
Movement: Kadaii fails frenzy test and charges the skirmishers despite needing a 10 to get in I roll an 11. They opt to stand and shoot managing to do 3 wounds (poison sucks). Infernal Guard and Hobbo's shuffle up some more.
Magic: Soulblight on the Sally, 10 vs 5. I Ashstorm the S2 again, feedback scroll used, 3 5's and a 6 come up............Even Without banehead I was done. Well that changes the game plan slightly. I managed to get Enchanted blades off on the Infernals though.

Shooting: Left hand Magma takes off another 4 Skinks. Infernals Open up on the Ash Stormed Saurus, now unfortunately I misread the rules up until this point. I Thought the special rules worked for models in the unit, but they physically have to be shooting. As I only had 19 models shooting due to the bsb being in there I couldn't get the reroll wounds. Despite this I managed to kill a rather crazy 16 Saurus.
The Right Most Magma Cannon targets Saurus1 who as of yet are unscathed. Direct Hit thanks to a reroll, this kills 7. They promptly flee off the board after failing Cold Blooded 8 ld test and then run 11 inches. (The Picture looks slightly wrong here but the correct angle did take them off the board)
At this point I still think I could get slaughtered if the Slaan lives due to me not having a level 4 and the sheer amount of spells it can cast with those free dice. I decide to try my luck (as it seems to be quite good this game) and Placed the Str 8 No Blast rocket on the Slanns head, having already used my reroll I'm fully aware this could probably do more harm than good. But my luck continues and a hit comes up. At this point I get told the Slaan is ethereal, luckily my one hellbound warmachine is the Deathshrieker. The Slann promptly then fails his LoS & Ward Save then I roll 5 for the D6 wounds. I'm fully expecting everything to blow up first turn in my next game as payback for my luck this game.

Between Thunderstomp, Burning Aura and normal attacks the destroyer just does the 7 wounds needed to kill off the skinks. The forced overrun takes him past everything else.

Lizardmen turn 2:


Movement: Cold Ones charge my wolf rider (who moved at an angle hoping to get them to overrun off the board)Everything else moves up.

Magic: Fireball on the Sally, manages to actually kill it.
Shooting: The left hand skinks muller My magma cannon with poison.
Combat. The hobgoblin valiantly kills 2 Cold Ones, then gets shreaded. (I can't remember what happened to the overrun on these guys, I think we might have just forgot)

Chaos Dwarf turn 3:


Movement: Only really important one is the Kadaii charge the cold ones.
Magic: Enchanted blades on the infernal guard
Shooting: Infernals reduce S2 to one model. The Hob Gobs manage to finish them off.
Combat. With the Fire Aura I kill one of the 3 Cold Ones. I also find out one Scar Vet has a 2+ Ward against Fire and the other has a 2+ ward against the first wound. With this information I decide to allocate 4 attacks to the unit and 4 on the scar vet with the 2+ ward against the first wound. I manage to kill the remaining two Knights and take that all important first wound away from the scar vet. Both Scar Vets run (neither had the Stubborn Crown) I decide to pursue the Firewarded Vet. Catching him despite only rolling a 4.

At this point my opponent concedes. For a Massive Chaos Dwarf Win.


I have to say I'm not impressed with the lore of Hashut, I think I may try Death next time. The Hailshots are utter filth. But at 6 points just for the upgrade I'd expect them to be really good. I just need a way to get around the character in the unit problem with the 20 shots.

Destroyer I can't really comment on yet. I've not had any problems the twice I've faced one but I can see why people are scared of them. I might replace the fireborn with Bull Centuars next game to see how they work. I will try a few more games out before I make any complete judgements regarding the dwarfs as my luck this game was scary. I'm also suspecting a better general might have faired better. The entire Chaos Dwarf list scares me just how few models you get on the table. Especially seen as though all the machines are one drop.

08-05-2012, 03:57
I think your list would be stronger If you dump the Destroyer and get the Bullcentaurs. I just see the Destroyer as overkill in 25k or less

08-05-2012, 10:55
I don't think it's overkill. But probably won't use it next game. I want to try a list with no warmachines but I suspect it will get Mullered

08-05-2012, 18:42
funny coincedence! i also sold my woodies to start Chaos Dwarfs. So far i am, muah with them. last night when i played i lost, but my opponent was cheating (when i got home and started running some rough numbers he had about 2800 points vs my 2000?). but anyways, it is scary how few models you get! yes they are an elite army, and their warmachines are suppose to be great, but so far i've found my warmachines to be just effective (not over the top) and my infantry overpriced and my monsters/cavalry (with the exception of the destroyer) just average. it's nice to have access to everything (ie infantry, cavalry, warmachines, monsters and magic), but so does empire and they're way more effective. i don't know, i love the models and love the army, but i'm starting to find them to be just an average army, nothing special.