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08-05-2012, 18:36
Well after picking up the Vampire Counts book a short while ago I'm fast falling in love with this army and I'm close to ordering a full force but first I need your opinions on one of my lists. As a newish player any advice is appreciated.

Does this list look like it could hold it's own or are there some massive flaws that I'm oblivious to?

Vampire lord + Dragon-609pts
Armour of Destiny,seed of rebirth extra weapon, red fury, quick blood

Mannfred the Acolyte-200pts

book of Arkham, great weapon, heavy armour

2x Skeleton warriors-460pts
40, Full command


2x Vargheist-296pts
3, Vargoyle

2x Bat swarm-140pts

2x Terrorgheist-450pts

08-05-2012, 18:54
Looks cool :) Nice to see someone using Mannfred as their main caster.
My only advice would be to swap 1 of those bat swarms for either 2x2 fell bats or a spirit host.
The ghoul unit is awfully small as well. One option would be to swap the vamp for a L2 necro with master of the dead, and drop 15 skellies off each unit for for 15 more ghouls.
Some sort of cannonball defense for the lord would nice too. A ward, opal amulet, or charmed shield would go a long way!

09-05-2012, 00:27
Id drop a unit bats fpr hosts. as well youvhave 3 hammers already. id drop one unit of geists for more ghouls. Also you may npt take a ward and regen save so the talisman of rebirth is useless.

09-05-2012, 02:31
Mannfred is only really worth his points if he's killing things in close combat, except he's very vulnerable in close combat. The Lord version of him is a lot better. I'd drop him and give aura of dark majesty to your other Vampire to synergize with your Terrorgheists.

Also your other Vampire is toughness 4 with 2 wounds and a 5+ save. He's going to die to pretty much anything that directs attacks at him, including things like state troops. Perhaps drop the book of Arkhan and get armour of silvered steel for a 2+ save.

Using the points from Mannfred grab a level 2 Necromancer with master of the dead and book of arkhan, you could even use Mannfred's model as said Necromancer if you already have it.

I feel Bat Swarms are best used with Great Weapon grave guard hordes, otherwise the ASL isn't all that. Spirit Hosts are a great option instead since you can take them as singles to force your opponent to deploy first and they tarpit monsters without magical attacks extremely well.

P.S. The seed of rebirth on your lord won't stack with your armour of destiny's 4+ ward. I like Nightshroud while riding a Zombie Dragon because it will let your dragon strike first in a challenge and you can't refuse challenges on a dragon, which also makes dread knight good. If you gave your lord Nightshroud, 5+ ward, heavy armour and a shield (which incidently the Zombie dragon kit's model comes with) plus your current powers you would be sitting at 624 points which fits your limit and gives you a 2+/5++ save plus all the benefits of the nightshroud.

15-05-2012, 23:28
Thanks guys for the help especially NitrosOkay for taking the time to write such a lengthy and helpful reply. Currently I don't have the book but I will make a few more changes to the list once I get the chance.

Eventually I decided to start an Ogre Kingdoms army, although I will be keeping the final version of this list and using it when I get round to starting up or proxying(test game) a VC army.