View Full Version : 3000 pt Empire W griffin (Help me finish the list)

10-05-2012, 03:49
3000 pt Empire
lords (716)
General of the empire (With Greatswords, This is my General)
Full Plait
Shield 107
General of the empire
Full Plait
Bloodroar 309
Battle wizzard (In the tower Lore of life?)
Fozzericks folding fortress 300

Heros (360)
CPT (With the great swords)
FP 91
Warrior Priest (With the great swords)
Heavy Armor
Shield 69
Witch Hunter (With the great swords)
Brace of pistols
Great weapon 60
Cpt (With the great Archers)
Full Plait
Long Bow 71
Warrior Priest (With the great Archers)
Heavy Armor
Shield 69

Core (870)
40 Archers W/ FC
Det 20 X bows
Det 20 Hand gunners
5 IC knights W/ FC
10 X bows (In tower)

Special (942)
40 Greatswords W/ FC
Det 20 Spears
Det 20 swords
4 Demi Griff Knights W/FC

Rare (250)
Celestial Hurricanum
Luminark of hysh

Total 2338
That leaves 572 for magic items and troop tweeking. I would like all thoughts on this list including how you might play with or against it.