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Big T
10-05-2012, 18:56
Lads, lassies,

Is it allowed for a character to wear multiples of a scroll? such as power scroll or dispell scroll, feedback scroll....

Is that allowed for a powerstone as well?

This all from the main rule book, 8th ed.

10-05-2012, 19:13
1 of each magic item per army. 1 of each category of magic item per character. No duplicates in 8th edition.

10-05-2012, 19:15
For magical items, the first restriction is only one per army (unless stated otherwise, which you only find in army books).

The second restriction is that you may only have one magical item of any given type (Armor, Weapon, Arcane, Talisman, Enchanted Item) on a character.

All 4 items you've listed are Arcane Items. Arcane Items have the further restriction that only a character with wizard levels may carry one.

So no, you cannot have "multiple scrolls," as you put it, since they are all Arcane Items. One per wizard.

The relevant rules are in the Reference Section of the BRB, Magic Items (page 500 in the big rulebook) and Arcane Items (page 504 in the big rulebook).

10-05-2012, 19:16
Page 172. Unique/Balance of Power sections.

10-05-2012, 19:37
Certain army books though do have rules that over ride the Balance of Power section. I think Dwarves can take multiples of their Dispell runes up to a certain point, and Skaven can take mutiples of warpstone tokens with no penalty. Also certain armies have other items that function like dispell scrolls that can be taken in the army along with dispell scrolls, like a Brettonian Silver Mirror or a Lizardman Cube of Darkness (just not on the same person as again you are restricted to one Arcane category item usually per wizard)