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11-05-2012, 09:38
Hoi! this list is intended as an all comer.

Vampire Lord - 469 pts
- lvl 3 Lore of vampires & Black periapt
- 4+/4++
- Terror, -1 LD within 6'' and re-roll passed fear-tests

Wight King - 144 pts
- BSB with sword of anti-heroes
- 4+

Vampire - 161 pts
- lvl 1 Lore of beasts with dispel scroll
- 4+
- forbidden lore

3x Necromancers - 295 pts
- lvl 1 lore of vampires
- Rod of flaming death, Cursed book & book of arkhan


48 Skeleton spearmen - 295 pts
-full command and screaming banner

2x 20 zombies - 140 pts
-full command

25 zombies - 85 pts
-full command

2x5 dire wolves - 80 pts

6 crypt horrors - 228 pts

corpse cart - 105 pts
- balefire

2 fell bats - 32 pts

2x1 spirit hosts - 90 pts

2x3 vargheists - 276 pts

Drops will make sure my main blocks will go on 1 weak flank which it can rush and hopefully overwhelm.

the Lord and wight king goes in the spearmen for a good anvil with the classic fearbomb shenanigans. Lord goes about casting and this unit will wither go horde against weak-medium hard troops or 5x wide against hard units. wight king will accept any challenges i deem he can survive and try chop some heads of.

the crypt horrors will flank the spears and form the centre with the 25 zombie unit which will be joined by the beast vampire and flank the spears on the other side and just wait for flanking opportunity or tarpitting possibilities. the vampires first priority is to cast wyssans wild form so wont be going down with the zombies if things turn sour.

the 2 20 zombie blocks will trail behind the skellies and crypthorrors and act as bunkers and then flankers or worst case tarpits.

the 2 vargheists, fell bats, 2x direwolves, and 2 spirit hosts (in this order) will draw out opponent drops and make sure my main battleline (as outlined above) gets a good deployment.

Spears is main anvil supported by lesser anvil of the crypt horrors.

The vargheists first prio is to get rid of chaff and then act as main hammers. the crypt horrors will be hammers of opportunity.

Spirit hosts will tarpit monsters and nasty things without magic attacks whilst dire wolves will hunt warmachines and give my vargheists hard cover.

Tips, hints and suggestions?

11-05-2012, 13:02
You seem to lack real heavy hitters. Vargheists hits pretty hard, but IŽd like to see more S6 in the list. Black/Blood knights, GG or a terrorgheist for instance.

I also feel that the lord is wasted in using just as a fear bomb/wizard. You can do that cheaper by having a master necro/hero vampire. A L4 fighty lord would greatly benefit your list.

11-05-2012, 15:28
Your hero slots have too many point in magic. Your general is too generic. I would go master necromancer or blender lord. Your zombies need to be in 2 groups instead of three. Your vampire with beasts lore and your bsb and curse book necromancer . They don't do much and you need the power dice that the book sucks up. That makes way for a 30 man grave guard with great weapons and banner of barrows. Also, you need master of dead with those skeletons. You have tar pits, but no hammers. Also, you have spent a lot of points on core. Try to pry some points away from them for other things.

11-05-2012, 16:54
Agreed for the magic items. You are going to spend alot of time throwing 2 dice with the necromancers if you want to spam invocation, or going to be relying on an avergae or better magic phase to get off the better spells. I suggest dropping the rod of flaming death and try to replace it with the forbidden rod. May seem crazy, but getting 3 power dice during a crucial turn can be disasterous, so having a "sacrificial" necro can turn that phase into advantage.

Either drop the units of Vargheists or combine them. They drop like flies from shooting and you need at least 2 to do a minimum of damage when you reach the enemy lines. Any seasoned player will know that they are easy points if they can clear them out fast enough. A unit of 6 has always done well if used well and can fill many roles.

Unless you have ALOT of zombie figures, taking three units may drain your zombie reserves in two turns or less.

I wouldn't take Master of the dead if you only have one unit of skeletons. You can try spamming to keep their numbers high and if you keep them in a 6" bubble with other casters it's not too difficult. The unit of 48 will stick around for several turns.

Try to keep your points on core to a minimum as mentioned. VC core are not very effective, so if possible try to work in either graveguard or a small unit of knights.