View Full Version : Youtube 2350 High Elves vs Orcs & Goblins

13-05-2012, 07:28
This is the second vid that I made from the Dark Side Comics tournament in April. This was a third round match up that wasn't the final table, but I wanted to get the Orc army on video since it was another well painted army.

The final match was between the Dark Elves and the Skaven with the Dark Elves taking the win.

Tried to throw a little more humor into this one and it seems to be doing well from initial opinions.


The next two videos I've got coming are with Empire armies from the new book. We're just experimenting with the builds but the games are still interesting.
They'll be up soon.

Keep Fighting

14-05-2012, 22:07
Great clip, cheers.

Edit: Just been watching some more Vids ... great stuff, I hope you link some more, theres a few nice battles there, as well as some different lists. Its nice to see non-'cookie cutter' list being played and played well.

16-05-2012, 23:04
i definitely pull both thumbs up for your work!

i think yours are some of the best battle report vids we can find on the Tube, i really appreciate your commentaries, and the way you record the whole game and replay it faster
i suscribe, please keep it up, since it's a little goldmine for us fellow gamers :)