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13-05-2012, 14:31
When a wizard dies do his Augment and Hex spells go away? What if the wizard casts with Irresistible force, and then gets sucked into the void?

Remains in play spells go away, and multi turn spells only remain if they say they last pass the wizards death.

Any polite responses would be greatly appreciated

Hell Storm
13-05-2012, 14:50
If they are remains in play then yes they do go away. Otherwise they stay around for their stated duration.

13-05-2012, 14:52
Hexes and augments would likely remain after death, as they are not rip spells.
But as I do not have the rule book here , I cannot say for certain.
Others may know for certain though.

15-05-2012, 04:06
It really depends on the spell.
Mindrazor is an augment, but is not a remains in play spell
Mystifying Miasma is a hex, but is not remains in play spell
The Withering is a hex, that is a remains in play spell
Enfeebling Foe is a hex, that is a remains in play spell

That is just some of the Grey Magic.
If it is a remains in play spell the first words on the description will say remains in play.
If it says remains in play it will automatically end when the caster is killed.
Otherwise it lasts for the duration specified, usually until the casting players next magic phase.

15-05-2012, 04:18
Page 36: "Some spells do not specifically remain in play, but have effects that last one or more turns. Once in play, such spells cannot be dispelled and remain in effect even if the caster is slain or leaves the battlefield."