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13-05-2012, 23:40
Ok, so after a bit of time with the new book, and looking on the forums, I have come up with a build for an Empire army without lots of core footsloggers, instead focusing on Goldswords, I have not seen anything similar, so I'm either an idiot or a genius!

The Crossbowmen are in there to kill off chaff, I know missile troops don't seem to be popular at the moment, but I feel you need to be able to compete in all phases of the game, so there in, I may split the larger unit in 2, so I get another drop?

The Goldswords obviously make up the centre of my battle line, with the 2 warrior priests, and probably the Hurricaunium in-between the 2 units for the +1 to Hit, I'm hoping they will be pretty solid, there both probably in horde formation too, so lots of high strength attacks, with +1 to hit and re rolls. Tasty.

The Steam Tank and Knights are my hammer units, probably trying to roll up the flank in combo, while the larger Crossbow unit holds the other flank.

The Wizard Lord is going for Lore of Life as with expensive troops, it makes the most sense, unless anyone can think of anything more suitable? With the extra Dice from the Hurricanium and the Dispel scroll, I am reasonable well off in magical defence and offence, and with the Warrior priests prayers, I have a decent amount of spells and back up casters.

Obvious thing to note is that my highest leadership is only 8, but I'm hoping, with Stubborn, its not going to be such an issue, the small crossbow units are never going to survive in combat, and I may even use them as road bumps if needed so don't mind too much if they run, my only real concern is if the Knights run, but with high movement and the combination of the Stank they should only really be in fights they are going to win.

Im really not sold on the set up of my Heroes, I have gone more for protective gear, but I am worried about not having any magical weapons in there. What do people think is the way to go? anyone have any alternates or experience with how survivable they are, do I need to waste points on protective gear if they are on the edge of a hoard?

So what do you think? I would love to get some descent feedback before I buy all those Great swords.

Thanks in advance for you comments.

List 1

Wizard Lord, Level 4 , Dispell Scroll, Life, 4+ Ward = 270

Lord Total = 270

Warrior Priest, Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon, = 123
Dragon Helm, Dawnstone, Heavy Armour

Warrior Priest, Armour of Fortune, = 105
Great Weapon

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone = 77

Heroes Total = 305

9 Inner Circle Knights, Full command, flaming banner = 265

10 Crossbowmen = 90

10 Crossbowmen = 90

20 Crossbowmen = 180

Core Total = 625

39 Greatswords, Full command = 459

39 Greatswords, Full command = 459

Special Total = 918

Steam Tank = 250

Celestial Hurricanium = 130

Rare Total = 380

Grand Total = 2498

14-05-2012, 00:58
Interesting idea, I have a few points.

1. With Ld 8 i strongly recommend a Bsb. Ld 8 on one role is asking for any number of -ld attacks and then wham! Bye bye greatswords. So I recommend a bsb.

2. Banner of discipline on the unit where your general will sit. This gives ld 9 to your army for cheap. It will help the blocks.

3. I love the idea of massive gtsword regiments. They are worth a try. You could possibly get away with a 39 and 29. Which would save you most of the points for a bsb.

4. Crossbowmen --- I agree you should be trying to compete in all phases. I'm not sure you need 40 crossbows for that.
You could create a 26 man halberdier regiment and still take the two small units of crossbows.

5. Wp on knights a must. Ic take lances as well is best idea.

Consider those points, they're not gospel by any means.

Lastly magic. You're argument is compelling (gts-expensive). However I really feel light would do you best in this instance. Magic missiles, buffs and time warp...which is lovely with great weapons...a well timed bubble of light of battle and time warp will win games.

My two cents! See what you like etc. good luck!

14-05-2012, 01:00
Try a get a couple of 5 point swords in as well for those pesky Ethereals!

Lord Solar Plexus
15-05-2012, 17:41
Now that's an innovative list there. I actually like it. The only minor nuisance is that you might not be able to do much in the early magic phases. Other than that this is the first list I've seen in the last month that I would give a try myself without any change.

15-05-2012, 18:58
Thanks for the Comments, its appreciated!

Firstly Bigman your point about a BSB is well made, its a definite risk, but the issue I have is that a naked BSB costs 85 points, ideally I don't want him in combat, unless I kit him out for defence, and then he would be over 100pts, what do I get for this? realistically my 2 Goldswords units would be much sturdier, but thats about it. Im not saying thats not a big advantage (its massive when there my only fighting blocks) but I may get a similar effect from having the gleaming banner and Standard of leadership on the 2 units, at a grand total of 20 points! Somehow I think I need to fit those 2 items in and see if its enough before going full hog with the BSB, and your probably right, the points would have to come from the Greastwords, though i may be able to get away with losing command models, here and there.

Secondly the crossbowmen I see as vitally important to the list, they combined with the steam tanks cannon, will most of the time give me fire supremacy, both in terms of damage and range. Something which is important as it will force the enemy to come to me, making it easier to set up a flank charge with the knights, and possibly the steam tank. In truth I'm not sure what a unit of 26 Halberdiers will add, they won't be able to beat anything but the lightest of units, and are probably more a speedup, and I have enough of those with the crossbowmen if I need. The crossbow units add valuable drops, hopefully improving my deployment, can deal with harassment units, or shave a few kills of juicy targets, or simply act as sacrificial speed bumps. In fact the more i think of it the more likely I am to split the unit of 20 into 2 units of 10.

With regards to Light magic. I like light and it has a few useful spells, partially "light of battle" with this list could be a game saver, if not winner if the great swords do run. "Net" would be useful in aiding my shooting, but truthfully "speed of Light" is not much use on Great swords as they will still go last due to great weapons, and there is no point putting it on the Crossbowmen. Only the Knights would benefit from it. In truth only "time warp would be the only amazing spell for the list" as it turns the Great swords into nightmare units, but its a risk as you might not get it every time, and it will surely be the focus of my opponents dispels. If I were them I would probably let everything else through and save my dice for that.

Life I think just edges it, as every spell will be useful, it can add some Magic protection to my Wizard lord with Throne, and really harden my great swords with flesh to stone, something that is doubly useful with a unit that will definitely be attacking last. (I like to think here that every would saved is an extra attack back) And of course there is Dwellers. Now dwellers is a comparatively short range spell, which is where my crossbowmen come in, they force the enemy to come to me and thus come into range, unless I get the first turn, I think there is a good chance if I deploy correctly that I will be able to have a good target. Lastly there is regrowth, this could be a vital spell on the steam tank and knights my 2 hammer units. If they lose woulds then they will lose effectiveness quickly so ensuring they are at full health is vital. Also if I don't need to cast it on them, casting it on Greatswords is extra good as they are so expensive compared to most footsloggers. So to conclude 3 great spells for the list (Dwellers, Regrowth and Flesh to Stone) plus several very good spells. I think my opponent would have a much harder time choosing what to let through and what to attempt to dispel with Life. Saying that it is close, and I may well give Light a go if Life doesn't work out.

Thank you both for your comments please keep them coming everyone, the more heads working together the better! I will try and edit the list to add in the Banners and maybe add a few magical weapons here and there for anti ethereals.