View Full Version : 800 point VC army for training with friends

14-05-2012, 20:46
Just a wee army I threw together, trying to be fairly competative.

Lord Necromancer, MotD, Dragonbane Gem

2 x 18 Skellies with Standard and Champion

That leaves me with 410 points to spend, and I have a couple of combinations I like.

1. 3 Crypt Horrors, 10 Black Knights with standard, 1 skeleton

2. 3 Crypt Horrors with Champion, Varghulf, 2 Spirit Hosts,

3. 30 Grave Guard with Full Command

Which of these is best? Do you have any good combinations for 390 pts?

Also, which spells should I aim to be getting. Invocation and Vanhel's are obvious, but should I choose Vigour, Gaze or Raise?

Thanks in advance :D

16-05-2012, 08:29
I would say a different option: 25 Grave Guard with great weapons and full command. Spend remaining point on skeletons. 18 is too small for a unit. Grave Guard without great weapons are just silly.

Oogie boogie boss
18-05-2012, 08:58
I'd say option two is the best of the three. Only having two units, even at 800pts, is a little risky, particularly with the crumbling rule. Crypt Horrors and Black Nights sound good, but surely that would be over the percentages allowance? In fact, in all of the options, you don't have enough in core. Or do you? Not overly familiar with the list.
Anyway, obviously you're looking to bump those skellies up with magic, so i'd say go for the list with the Spirit Hosts. At 800pts, few armies will have enough magic and/or magical weapons to deal with them, and they can tie up a unit or two nicely.