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15-05-2012, 02:02
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Alright, so I've got a doubles tournement coming up at the end of the month. My partner is playing brettonians (not the best combo in terms of ally rules, but no choice). The rules are 1250pts each for a 2500 total. The rough plan is ghoul and horror anvil, brett knight hammer. AFAIK, the brett army is based around two knight buses and a sizable pegasus unit (5 I think), with only one damsel. He will also be running two archer units and maybe a trebuchet. Beyond that I don't know the specifics.

Vampire, + Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Rod of Flaming Death
Vampire, Forbidden Lore/Dark Acolyte, Enchanted shield

29 Ghouls
29 Ghouls

Corpse Cart
2 Fell Bats
2 Fell Bats
6 Crypt Horrors

TOTAL --- 1249pts

The list i've posted is pretty basic tactically, ghoul blocks supported by a corpse cart (hopefully triggering vigor mortis with invocation). One vamp in each ghoul unit, obviously. Lore of beasts caster uses the signature spell to bulk up whichever unit is taking the most punishment, pretty much just aiming to tarpit until the cavalry arrives. The fell bats are charge redirection/general chaff.

My main concern is that, as desperate allies, we have to split the power dice pool evenly between us. This means, assuming an average roll of 7, I will only have 3/4 power dice to play with. Couple that with the fact that the brett magic phase is unlikely to be overly impressive, the enemy will probably have plenty of dispel spare as well. Wondering if i'd be better off swapping forbidden lore for dark acolyte, and just spamming IoN on 2 dice. The rod is in the list in case I roll high for winds of magic, or have nothing to gain by casting IoN.

Any suggestions on how to improve the list? Core has to remain ghouls (I have 80, but thats the only troop type I own), and I'd like to aim for fairly good comp (comp is worth 30, games are worth 60 combined, so it's fairly significant), but other than that, what are your thoughts?

15-05-2012, 06:15
Maybe nerf one of the ghoul units down to support block size of ~20-25 to get in some ethereals like wraith heroes, banshees, or spirit hosts