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01-05-2006, 16:25
All right, soon I've made a list for each size of army I'm planning to play. Good thing about Gnoblars is that you can take 2 Gnoblar Honchos per slot, real cheap heroes...

All right, 2000pts, we just got to have a Lord( Gnoblar Lord:D ). Light Armour and a Shield seems like a good idea. Rhinox? Oh, why not, a monster in this list would be nice. Red Stone and Funny Trinket means that S3 hits will be absorbed 4/5 times. Purple Rock for some magical protection. Might be useful if the enemy throws a spell with 12+ power, those base dispel dice won't help. A bit of flaky insurance if the MR doesn't seem to be enough.

On to the rest of the Gnoblar Heroes! Since Gnoblars haven't got any wizards then I guess I better load up on Gnoblar Thiedstones, making some Gnoblar scroll Caddies...sort of. Basic recipe I will use for Honchos are Light armour and Shield, pretty good protection in CC.
HeroA: Gnoblar Honcho(2xThiefstone),
HeroB: Gnoblar Honcho(1xThiefstone),
HeroC: Gnoblar Honcho(1xThiefstone),
HeroD: Gnoblar Honcho(Battle standard bearer, War Banner),
HeroE: Gnoblar Honcho(Ogre Tooth),
HeroF: Gnoblar Honcho(Rhinox Horn)
Yup, that's right. 6 Heroes and a Lord. Legal. I've tried to cram just about every magical item the Gnoblars got in there. The basic idea is to assign each unit of Gnoblar Fighters a duo of Honchos, packing a Thiefstone and another gadget. The BSB should go in the middle with 2xThiefstones, the Ogre Tooth should take a Thiefstone with him and go with whichever unit is closest to the enemys fearcausers. Rhinox Horn and a Thiefstone go besides the Battle Standard. Phew, this is going to be a lot of heroes....they might even form their own superunit! 6 model strong but with enough special rules and attacks to form an army of their own...MR(4):eek: ..hehe. If it does become painfully appearent that one of the units they are in is going to get squashed they can detach from that unit and join another. One who runs away gets to fight another day.

All right, then I guess we will have to have a unit of Gnoblar Fighters for each duo, 3 in total. All 23 models strong(25 with Honchos), Light Armour and Shields. 2 unit will have Standard and Musician, 1 with just Musician(BSB goes into here). Could beef them up to 30 models strong but I've got plenty of bodies anyway..

Rest of the core units will be made up of: 2 unit of Gnoblar Trappers(marchblockers, warmachine hunters), Gnoblar Flingers, 2 units of 12 Pigback Riders(Musicians, bait units).

Special choices then? Yes, on to the fun stuff! We've just got to have some Lucky Gits, I think 2 units of 25 with all the trimmings(Shields, FC) should suffice. Some Blood Gnoblars to boobytrap terrain and finally a Scraplauncher for colour. There, no more slots left.

Rare choices? hmm....2 Slave giants. They're fun and they can anchor flanks pretty well.

All right, let's see here:

1 Gnoblar Head Honcho(LA,Sh, Purple Rock, Funny Trinket, Red Stone, Rhinox) 204 pts
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Sh,BSB, War Banner) 74 pts
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Sh,Thiefstone) 39 pts
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Sh,Ogre Tooth) 44 pts
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Sh,2xThiefstone) 54 pts
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Sh,Rhinox Horn) 54 pts
1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA,Sh,Thiefstone) 39 pts
23 Gnoblar Fighters(LA,Sh, Std, Mu) 104 pts
23 Gnoblar Fighters(LA,Sh, Std, Mu) 104 pts
23 Gnoblar Fighters(LA,Sh, Mu) 96 pts
9 Gnoblar Trappers 54 pts
9 Gnoblar Trappers 54 pts
10 Gnoblar Flingers 30 pts
10 Gnoblar Flingers 30 pts
12 Pigback Riders(Mu) 52 pts
12 Pigback Riders(Mu) 52 pts
25 Lucky Gits(Sh, FC) 166 pts
25 Lucky Gits(Sh, FC) 166 pts
10 Blood Gnoblars 60 pts
1 Scraplauncha 165 pts
1 Slavegiant 175 pts
1 Slavegiant 175 pts

phew. Now, did I miss anyone? Should be 1991 pts with 201 models. PD/DD 2/2 with 4 Thiefstones spread among the troops.

Anyone have any hints/suggestions? Feel that the Lord is just over the top? Want the Rhinox horn on the Lord for Ld9? Too few Flingers?.....speak up.:)

03-05-2006, 16:28
I think the gnoblars are an extremely interesting army. However, I think its more effective with even more models. I would drop some of the characters, a giant, some magic items, the pig-riders, the flingers - and get several more units of 25 gnoblar fighters (until I had 300+ models; 400 would be even better).

The army should win by sacrificing a first line of utterly crap troops (maybe a 100-150 troops) and then getting follow-up combined charges with the slightly better troops. He can knock out four of your units and hardly score 200 points. You then knock out two of his for 500+ points.

Regrettably, its ambitious to get this many models ready to play for an unofficial list. I'm at just over 100 gnoblars at the moment and I'm forced to proxy for the rest.

- Gukal

03-05-2006, 16:41
I would personally not give the Generaly anything other than the Rhinox Horn and a flail (just in case). I'd also drop all stuff from the BSB (you don't want his unit in combat anyway). All remaining Honchos (5) should have flails and light armour and nothing else.

Other than that, get a couple of more units of Fighters instead of the useless Pigback riders (runner up for most pointless unit in the list), drop all equipment on the Fighters except for the musician (it is beyond me why you want expensive crappy troops), ditch the Blood gnoblars and swap one giant for another scrappy.
I'd also consider Manbiters, who are quite decent (in the first round of combat at least).

Contrary to gukal, I like flingers. Nothing like an even cheaper unit in an army of cheap units. :D

04-05-2006, 22:35
Hmm....having some barely equipped legions of Fighters up front does sound interesting. I guess there isn't much point in giving them anything, not even a musician or light armour? That's going to be very cheap indeed, I think you can get some 40 or so for the same price as most opponents basic troops choices at minumum size and with no equipment....:cheese:
Just taking the minumum sized sacrifical units might be a little revealing, not to mention opens them up a bit more for panic tests from shooting. I guess 25 should suffice, gotta kill 5 of them to cause a panic test, 30 would be a bit much perhaps.
How many units would be enough though? 3 or 4?

I'm sticking to using Flingers, minumum models per unit, 2 ranks, about one for each unit of Fighters. Also disposable and mostly a distraction, can't think of any sane enemy that would waste their time trying to get rid of them, nor any enemy that wouldn't find them irritating. Slings might not be the best of weapons but pack enough of them and you will take down an enemy model or two each round. Combined with the innate 'Sharp Stuff' that each Gnoblar units possesses you can unleash an impressive volley of shortranged shots.

I'm beginning to tinker with the notion of just using Fighters as fodder, ignoring the fact that they can be armoured quite nicely. Instead I intend to use Lucky Gits and Manbiters as stock troops, Gits for frontal assaults and Biters for flanking. Gits have excellent saves with their special rule and Biters deliver quite a punch. Only question would be if Manbiters needs any equipment, shields seem rather useless and they aren't supposed to get into a fight without the Gits. Having the gits chop at the front and the Biters at the flanks should break a fair number of enemy units, though the Gits is the obvious elite unit of the two.

Yhetees would be nice as an Ogre-unit but they're just so darned expensive, how do you handle the need for hardhitters in a Gnoblar army? Manbiters?

One rather brutal combo for the Lord might be Honcho Helm + Funny Trinket, stopping 3/4 attacks without even considering any armour. Now that's about Superman resilience in my book. Taking a regular Honcho with Grubbi's Dice Bag might be an interesting trick against challenging enemy heroes. Nothing like a soft squishy hero to beat up and claim lots of overkill bonus...whoops, not a scratch. :p

The Gnoblar Theifstones are hard to resist, though putting them in with Lucky Gits is a bit of a waste. 2 TStones should practically guarantee a unit to shrug off just about any magic casted its way. That's not a big price to pay for two stones.

Here's my latest revised list:

1 Gnoblar Head Honcho( Honcho Helm, Funny Trinket, LA, Flail)
1 Gnoblar Honcho( LA, Flail, Dice Bag)
1 Gnoblar Honcho( LA, Sh, BSB, Rhinox Horn)
2x1 Gnoblar Honcho(LA, Flail, 2xThiefstone)
4x25 Gnoblar Fighters
2x24 Manbiters(Champion)
3x10 Gnoblar Flingers
2x9 Gnoblar Trappers
23 Lucky Gits( Sh, Mu, Champ)
24 Lucky Gits( Sh, FC)
2x1 Scraplauncha
2x1 Slavegiant

First line consists of the 4 units of Fighters with the 3 units of Flingers in between them. Should case quite a stir as you really want to get rid of them all if you are going to get at the Gits and Manbiters later on. Second line Consists of Gits in the middle, one unit with the BSB + Dice Bag and the other with the Head Honcho. Manbiters on either sides with a Thiefstone-Honcho each. Should be rather hard to tackle that line with magic since everyone's got MR(2):evilgrin:. Slavegiants fill up the outer flanks of the second row, Scraplaunchas stay behind and the Trappers scout ahead and act scouty( kille War Machines, lone mages, marchblock).

The general idea is to march forward with the Fighters and Flingers, throwing some Slingshots and SharpStuff at the enemy as they advance. Then flee / allow to be overrun as appropriate with the Gits and Manbiters behind at safe distance. Slavegiants catch up with Fighters and Flingers to threaten flanks. Once the enemy has dealt with the first wave, hopefully being a bit out of breath and position, the second wave hits. A Slavegiant, Manbiters and Lucky Gits should be able to rout most opponents. Should the enemy be tricky and/or strong enough to keep their line intact then the Gits will act as the anvil, taking on any charges. They stand a reasonable chance of passing their armour as well as break-tests. Then the Manbiters join in.

05-05-2006, 10:35
That's more like it, though you still have too much gear on your heroes (and as a result too few of them).

Hard hitters in a gnobbo army are giants, scraplaunchers (very useful in combat), honchos with flails and manbiters. Nothing else should be geared up to fight and equipment should be kept at a minimum.

I'd also give musicians to everyone who can have them as well as standards for the Manbiters and Lucky Gits.

Do not put your General / BSB in a combat unit, it's much cheaper and safer to put them in a unit of Fighters behind the line and keep them out of harm's way where you are not risking their higher Ld and re-roll.

05-05-2006, 18:18
Hmm...come to think of it after reading up on Scraplaunchas, they're chariots! Impact hits plus some attacks from the Rhinox and Gnoblar Scrappers. Could be quite effective though I'd miss the shooting attack. Still could probably get a volley or two off before charging into combat I reckon.

Maybe I'm just too used to playing regular armies where the leaders actually fight with the troops. Probably be a good idea to learn from Skaven leaders, survival of those on top is priority. Maybe sticking the BSB and Head Honcho in a unit of Flingers each would give them the protection they need and still makes some use of the protecting unit. A bit cheaper than a basic unit of Fighters as well I guess.

Musicians sounds like a good idea, should any Gnoblar unit decide to flee from a charge or intend to rally. Will probably happen a lot.

Cheap Honchos does seem tactically sound, though unnecessary boring. A Honcho with Grubbi's Dicebag is an ideal challenger to an enemy hero IMO. Most opponents will probably seize the opportunity to reap some overkill, if not you can challenge their hero to deny it its attacks. While there is a 1/6 chance of flatout dying the potential benefit far outweighs the risk. Just imagine the stumped expression of the Chaos Lord swinging his demonic Great Weapon at the Honcho. Only to find the little runt climbing up the sword ready to poke his eyes out. Hilarious.:D

No, I think I have to try some things out before I declare them useless. Latest list:

1 Head Honcho(LA, Flail, Enc.Sh, Red Stone, Funny Trinket, Rhinox)
1 Honcho(LA, Flail, Dice Bag) - "Dice Bag"
1 Honcho(LA, Sh, BSB) - "BSB"
1 Honcho(LA, Flail, Rhinox Horn) - "Horn"
1 Honcho(LA, Flail, 2xTheifstone) - "TStone#1"
1 Honcho(LA, Flail) - "Smasher"
1 Honcho(LA, Flail, 2xTheifstone) - "TStone#2"
4x25 Fighters(Mu)
3x10 Flingers
2x9 Gnoblar Trappers
23 Manbiters(FC) - Horn, TStone#1
23 Manbiters(FC) - Smasher, TStone#2
24 Lucky Gits(Sh, Mu, Champ) - BSB
24 Lucky Gits(Sh, FC) - Dice Bag
2x1 Scraplauncha
1 Slavegiant
10 Boglars

2001pts, 262 models, PD/DD: 2/2 with all four main units MR(2). The Head Honcho on a Rhinox should have a good chance of standing up to just about anything they throw at him, only 1 out of 9 caused wounds will get through.