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15-05-2012, 06:51
Have you ever played a game of warhammer, and had a point where you thought to yourself "this is great"?

For me, it happened when playing a 2v2 game last edition. 2 dwarf players (I was one of them) against Bretonnians and Empire, both of whom were almost purely cavalry. We were playing with alot of terrain, and with the short ends of the board. I'm not sure why we decided on that, but I'm sure we had a good reason at the time. For the dwarf armies, we had a shield wall that stretched from one edge of the board to the other, with waves of knights pouring down at them. The moment described above happened right before impact. A unit of Bretonnian knights burst through the woods, being the first unit to make contact. Looking at the completely different nature of the armies, and realizing that we had just reached the point where everything would be decided, I really thought to myself "this is great." ((The dwarfs went on to win the game, but nothing beat seeing all of those lances about to hit such a large shield wall.)

Duke Ramulots
15-05-2012, 07:04
That does sound great indeed.

For me it was just recently when three guys in my gaming group said they wanted to play against all my OnG's I had no matter if it was legal against all their models(WoC, VC, and Dwarfs). The three of them together had around 7.5k to my 8k, just seeing all that green made me think "wow, that's what I love about this game". I wish I could share some pics but the glare from the sun(played outside on my patio) was to much for my camera. In the end it was a win for the greenskins but fun was had by all and we are going to do it again soon.

15-05-2012, 13:56
For me it was a few weeks ago as a chaos lord on a demonic mount with that D6 +1 wounding flaming sword one shoted my treeman and was then taken out with dwellers from bellow

En Sabbah Nur
15-05-2012, 14:50
The very moment I loved this game was the long term campaign we played with my buddies, that lasted over the past year ! 5 Players (OnG, DoC, TK, WoC and DE) opposed to take control of a continent I designed, developping their realms, fighting for land or survival... So much fun ! And that's a pleasure I'm about to know all anew, for that time we are soon starting over with 8 players ! :D

15-05-2012, 17:21
Every time I play with my dwarfs and field 30 slayers in horde formation. My opponents always underestimate them until they maul their prized unit and/or hold up linebreakers :D

15-05-2012, 17:24
My greatest moment is also my greatest tradgedy. 49 Storm Stormvermin horde with Queek enter on my side of the board and proceed to march and eventually charge into the archer bunker with Teclis who has been causing me problems all game.

Only Queek and his champion managed to make it into combat (out of 50) but I finaly caught up to and killed Teclis... my shouts of pure delight only increased as my opponant's flank collasped as he failed a handful of leadership tests causing his army to flee off the board; that single round turned certain defeat into a draw.

... it was a bloody end to a bloody game; and it was a moment when the entire game changed. That is what I love about Warhammer.... you may be able to work out the averages, statistics and numerous tactics but often the entire game hinges on a single roll of a single dice. (in my opponants case it was successful armour save on Queek).

15-05-2012, 20:14
My thoughts would be very close to that of Grumbaki: The bigger the game the better, and it's the moment just before the two armies smash together for the first time. You get to see both battle lines in all their glory and know that in the next few minutes everything is going to go to hell.

Karak Norn Clansman
15-05-2012, 20:48
2v2 games always bring about the very best impression of Warhammer to me. Now I, my brother and our friends have to paint enough miniatures to field complete tournament armies. Well-painted armies on a battlefield with good terrain is what Warhammer truly is to me, preferrably also with multiplayer teams. At home the best moments are usually when we decide to throw in a random monster into the battle that will attack whatever hapens to be close, when we start a battle with Night Goblin Fanatics deployed between our deployment zones or otherwise introduce whacky aspects to the game.

Lord Dan
15-05-2012, 20:53
When at the end of a game when there are only a couple of models left on either side.

15-05-2012, 21:00
Storm of Magic battle, my opponent's fully and awesomely painted Beastmen army against my fully painted Wood Elf army, his army having a Cygor and Cockatrice, mine a Forest Dragon and a Cockatrice, on a fully dressed up table with cool looking scenery depicting Drakwald Forest. I even had three different Lores in my army, and he managed to transform one of his Shamans into a monstrosity that got killed by my Treekin.

Pure awesome.

And I even won!! BAM!

15-05-2012, 21:22
My flying Doombull has been running rampant at our gaming store. I had ran down all of hiss WM and flanked His super unbreakable unit with his dwarf lord. At the same time my XHW gors hit his sword and board warriors. This got messy when I found out just how tough dwarves were! Soon the middle battle was around 200 models as I poured 90 ungor 50 gor 3 razorgors 10 harpies while he poured an almost equal amount of warriors GW dwarves and damned flanking miners. At the same time my Doom bull was slowly LOSING a knock down drag out with the Dwarf lord! By turn 6 the dwarf lord was rear charged by a Jabber and front charged by a Gorgon, AND STILL HE HELD! Finaly he was forced to flee as the last dwarf on the field, but not before taking the Doombull down to one wound! At that point everybody in the store including myself was Cheering him on!

15-05-2012, 23:02
I love just seeing painted armies on the field, even if not painted great, just a mass of painted models looks amazing. As a Dwarf player I'm always happy when slayers actualy do what they're meant to.

Tzeentch Lover
18-05-2012, 02:52
My horde of savage big'uns failing animosity early in the game, but then rolling the boxcars they need for the charge. WWWWAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
18-05-2012, 19:40
I really like warhammer overall, but the best moments are when 2 fully painted armies are fighting it out on the battle field.


19-05-2012, 03:08
For me it was a few weeks ago as a chaos lord on a demonic mount with that D6 +1 wounding flaming sword one shoted my treeman and was then taken out with dwellers from bellow

He should have had the phylactery :p

19-05-2012, 03:29
Mine was in a 2v2 match.
Vampires and orks (savage ones) vs me as dark elves and my ally, as high elves.
Typical shennanigans, sorceress let the mage die on a failed dispel vs brain bursta, then his swordmasters to boot, who got hexed, and run down.
She then got splatted by a doom diver.
We went on to win the game after being reduced to 2 hydras, my corsair hoard, dreadlord, master bsb, 2 masters and assassin, as well as dragon princes.
We dual charged, killed the vampire general, and melted all the undead by turn 4. Then had to chase and kill orks.
End of the match, we had one frenzy dragon, a sooky dragon, and half my corsairs and most characters.....

Sheena Easton
19-05-2012, 10:59
Whenever a humble Gobbo kills something, especially something larger and more expensive...

Every time a Doom Diver hits the target - you can imagine the Gobbo squealing "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" just before the spatty death :D

19-05-2012, 12:06
When a Vampire Lord on foot rolls a little well and kills 17 models in one round of combat. I wish I could guarantee Savage Beast of Horros in the new book, it was just wrong combined with Red Fury.

Underdog moments are also superb, Empire Swordsmen face same number of Chaos Warriors of Khorne with Exalted Champion. Swordsmen champion was having none of it, called the Exalted out to a duel, parried his puny blows and stabbed him through the eye, his regiment followed suit, parrying left right and centre losing a measly 2 of their number, killing 3 in return. Chaos Warriors broke from the newly named 'Jedi' Swordsmen and were run down for their trouble. That'll teach them.

19-05-2012, 13:33
I used to run a goblin army with a trading theme. My theme was a tribe of common goblin traders meeting up with a tribe of night goblins for trade. I had a large block of common goblins and a large block of night goblins to represent both tribes. The commons were very mobile with trading carts loaded with junk (chariots) and outriders (wolf boys). The night goblins brought fourth lots of monsters for trade. (squigs, cave trolls, giant spiders)

My opponent ran a khornate demon army lead by a bloodthirster. My army held together so well it was beautiful. I don't mind losing provided the game is fun so I'm not bragging about winning, it was just so nice to actually see goblins perform for a change without resorting to magic / fanatic spam.

The wolf outriders were racing out to delay the demons by leading them around the field using their frenzy (older edition). The only thing I couldn't deal with very well was the bloodthirster. It was closing in on my line, I almost managed to kill it with a pair of bolt throwers (gotta protect the merchandise you know). The thirster terrorizes my night goblin tribe into running back to the mountains and that's when it happened.

My gobbo's can't make a profit if some demon scares of the customers so after my magic phase fizzles and my shooting is done, the thirster is ready to charge and make a mess of my lines next turn. That's when I remember chariot crew have short bows. One of the little green cart drivers draws his bow, let's loose and puts one right in the blood thirster's eye taking it's last wound.

Best battle I ever had with my goblins, everything just flowed so well. The wolf riders performed perfectly. The bolt throwers hit when it counted most. Gobbo's were gobbo's and legged it at the first sign of trouble. But my trading tribe stuck around and a single heroic little cart riding archer turned the whole thing around at the last moment.

19-05-2012, 14:03
That's why playing goblins is the best :) Whenever it goes well, you can only be overjoyed :D

25-05-2012, 09:55
I love when you see players that actually care for the hobby. When they've got a fanatically painted army, and they genuinely care for the game, and not just about winning. A nice board with amazing terrain doesn't go a miss either.

25-05-2012, 10:10
Watching my lone hydra melt the last 10 grave guard and 3 vampires after passing all its saves XD