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15-05-2012, 10:39
I was just wondering how much luck lizardmen players have had with the engine of the gods. I want to use one in my list, but I would like it to actually do something and not flop considering it cost fifty USD. So, thoughts and opinions?

15-05-2012, 12:05
I'm sure many will say it's not worth it due to its cost and the ease with which it can be sniped, but in my experience it's always done quite well for me. I've only really used it so far against WoC and Daemons, though, so haven't had to worry much about shooting. Vs Warriors, its AoE ward save was invaluable vs the Hellcannon and its Burning Alignment really rocked, mopping up knights and warriors as the game wore on - D6 S4 auto-hits, to multiple units, with NO ARMOUR SAVES allowed, will make any of their small elite units sweat. If you can get it into the right spot it can be awesome, I like being able to use Steed of Shadows on it as well. Or if you go Life, being able to heal it makes it incredibly tough. Plus if you don't need the ward save and there's no one in range for Burning Alignment, a little boost to your magic phase is never unwelcome.
It's far from 'optimal' as its a prime target for warmachines, but I consider it very fun and an awesome model to boot.

Little Wolf
15-05-2012, 14:59
It's an awsome model, so for me, it's definitely worth it, as it's awsome ;).

15-05-2012, 14:59
The lizardman player in our group uses his most every game and it has done quite well. Sure about turn 4-ish if it's in combat someone will knock the priest off, but either A) give him the dawnstone -rerollable 2+ is pretty good for a caster or B) destroy/tie up the offending unit for the rest of the game. You're keeping the whole points safe as long as the steg lives so a dead caster isn't the end of the world.

The gungan bubble-shield is great to get into combat (better if you get first turn to get it up before any fire is directed your way). Burning alignment is good against heavily armored units, which I have noticed that normal saurus blocks struggle with (even krox - s6 leaves knights with a 4+ save which can be fairly annoying). The casting value lowering one is a little more iffy, but in practice it has been beneficial.

All of this is balanced by the Pinball Howdah effect. So if your area has a lot of multiwound templates running around, then you might be better off without one - or at least with loaded dice so you can win the first turn and pass all your ward-saves from the bubble.

15-05-2012, 15:40
With a dawn stone he does fine in combat. It's the cannons that spell doom for that unit.

Especially with empire and ogres really rising in competitive play I wouldn't include one in a competitive LM build.

Spiney Norman
15-05-2012, 15:44
If you don't want to take a Slann I'd say it's almost an auto-include. The only real sticking point is cannons, if you don't face cannons very often (let's face it they are limited to only three armies) then there's no reason not to really. On the other hand if you are bringing a Slann then a L3 heavens user isn't going to get much of a lookin next to a L4 frog loremaster so I wouldn't bother.

22-05-2012, 16:42
If you don't want to take a Slann I'd say it's almost an auto-include. The only real sticking point is cannons, if you don't face cannons very often (let's face it they are limited to only three armies) then there's no reason not to really.

The Under Empire thanks you for keeping our secrets hidden......

22-05-2012, 23:05
Auto-include in any army that has other Stegs IMO; that 5+ ward bubble is mint against cannons. Burning alignment is very handy in the current day overall meta as well.

08-06-2012, 06:39
I always take one and it only ever dies to miscast. That's what I get for trying to chain lightning a horde of slaves.
The EotG has always made back its points, burning alignment is almost the only thing I use it for.
But then, I've also only gone against Vampires (7th ed) and Skaven. Burning Alignment vs Vampires makes back the points in a single turn.

08-06-2012, 07:46
I love the Engine Steg, always take one when the Slann isnt coming out to play and sometimes I take him with the Slann too for the Ward save on the TG. Plus, second caster is great for when my Slann flubbs it, its always nice to have options rather than putting all my magic eggs in one frog-shaped basket. As for cannons, I tend to have it lurking behind my main Saurus blocks early game anyway for the Ward save, so unless people are aiming to bounce into it cannons dont make me sweat too much - have to say thought I've rarely faces against cannons in my meta, maybe thats made me a little relaxed about the whole thing!