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15-05-2012, 19:17
Wizard Lord Level 4 (Life), Fencer Blades

Warrior Priest Heavy Armor , Shield, Dragonbane Helm
Warrior Priest Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Warrior Bane
Master Engineer
Captain, Full Plate, Lance, Pegasus, Charmed Shield
Captain, BSB, Full Plate, Shield, Helm of the Skaven Slayer, Dawn Stone

38 Halberdiers, Standard Bearer, Muscian
5 Archers

38 Halberdiers, Standard Bearer, Muscian
5 Archers
5 Archers

10 Handgunners
5 Archers

6 Knights, Great weapons, Banner, Inner Circle

6 Rieksguard Knights

Hellblaster Volley gun
Steam Tank
Celestial Hurricanum

I'm still shaky about the lore on the wizard lord. Looking at Life, light and shadow. Lemme know if you have any questions as to how the list would be run, I think it looks pretty straight forward.

Lord Solar Plexus
15-05-2012, 19:33
Not too shabby. I don't think you can really afford the Captasus, that's a luxury item. The Reiksguard are nice but DGK cost only a few points more and have a seriously higher damage output. I'd also run ICK in such small numbers with lances. YOu won't be going first all that often but that's better than never, and with hammers you WILL lose bodies before you can strike.

15-05-2012, 20:01
Fair points on the DGK. I was thinking of running a unit of 3 instead of the Reiksguard but I was want to sacrifice the stubborn. I like the flexibility of the Reiksguard for being a tarpit if I need them that way or a flanking hammer unit to support one of the blocks. Still up in the air about it and if I had to sacrifice only one thing to pay for them, it would likely be a cannon. The one on the Stank may be harder to aim but it hits just as hard and the back up second should do well enough to weaken monsters for a knight charge. As for warmachines, the Captasus/cannon/stank should suffice. The 2nd cannon is really there just for insurance.

As to the lances, I'm yet to be sold on them. I'm really relying on the lack of supporting attacks to the flank in combination with a 2+ to keep casualties to a minimum. And even with a supporting flank charge I expect it to take more than one combat to break my opponent. The great weapon just seems to come out ahead in my eyes. I think I will play test them both ways before I settle down on any which one seeing as lances don't cost me any points.

18-05-2012, 20:05
self serving bump

18-05-2012, 21:37
that's a nice list, you pretty much have everything Empire has to field a proper army..
i can just give you my 2 cents about some little tinkering here and there, but nothing that "better" then what you picked already.

depending on your local meta, a dispel scroll could be useful, and i prefer pretty much everything else, compared to fencer blades on the archmage: you're not supposed to let him reach combat anyway, and i personally don't think it's such a good defense either.
maybe put together a couple of the archer detachment intoa single unit, in order to have another "chaff" drop apart handgunners?

i personally also like the captasus (you can try him with the crown of command and 2+ armour save if u want to go expensive and have another casual tarpit), the stubborn knights and suggest lances on IC knights too
definitely keep the second cannon: one of them will almost surely blow up/be charged/shot away/counter-batteried in the first couple of turns, or too early in the game to be really useful. two of them is better, even only because of the larger part of the battlefield covered, and for the number of target you can offer to enemy skirmishers.