View Full Version : New Empire list for review, 2500pts

15-05-2012, 21:33
Here's my first try with the new empire army. Please give me your honest review :)


Arch Lector /w Talisman of Protection, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield
Wizard Lord lvl 4 (probably Life magic for starters)


Warrior priest /w Barded Horse, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor

Witch Hunter

Master Engineer

Captain /w BSB, Armor of Meteoric Iron


40 Halberdiers /w Full Command and 2x10 Handgunner Detachments

8 Inner Circle Knights /w Great Weapons, Full Command


30 Greatswords /w Full Command

3 Demigryph Knights

Great Cannon


Hellblaster Volley Gun

Celestial Hurricanum


15-05-2012, 22:19
Looks good. Since you're running life, maybe you should contemplate taking the forbidden rod on your Wizard Lord (along with a ward save). You have a lot of critical spells to get off so it might help, and you can always heal your wizzard lord up afterwards (the chanse of dying from it with a +4 ward is something like 5 %), other then that, it looks just like the list Im planning to field! I like that you're taking handgunnes --> the figures alone makes the worth the 9 points imo!

19-05-2012, 06:39
Thanks for the tip, might even try the wizard thing. We'll just see if I have enough wounds to spare when I get to playtest this list.

22-05-2012, 09:50
Looks solid! My thoughts (feel free to do absolutely nothing with them);

* Why run 9 (8+1) knights instead of 10
* Witch Hunter feels gimmicky
* I wouldn't leave home without a dispel scroll
* Armour of Meteoric Iron seems expensive when you can also get a 1+ AS with enchanted shield+dragon helm+full plate
* 4 Demigryphs might be a a lot better than 3
* Great weapons vs lances on IC knights....Id go for lances for the better armour save considering they have S4 anyway.

I like your list; I will save it for when I will take out my empire again :)

22-05-2012, 09:58
* Armour of Meteoric Iron seems expensive when you can also get a 1+ AS with enchanted shield+dragon helm+full plate

How will he get both the Enchanted Shield & Dragonhelm though?

But SteelTitan does have a point, FPA, Enchanted Shield + Dawnstone gives you a re-rollable 2+AS, which is definitely better than 1+ with 6+ ward against the vast majority of things and costs less to boot! I'd also give the Inner Circle Knights Lances and Shields, rather than Great Weapons, 1+ saves are something Empire should really take advantage of as even S4 troops can't make a dent in them.

22-05-2012, 09:59
Ow...can't take two pieces of magic armour...good to know, I almost cheated :) But yeah, point still stands (sort of).

(Edited my first post --> GW vs Lance+shield)